14 February 2011

A Not So Famous Love Letter To My Husband...

Happy Valentine's Day to the only man who can make me laugh... even when we are bailing water out of a leaky boat... with a teaspoon.  

The only man who can bring to me the warmth of the sun within him, to warm and light our way even in the coldest and darkest of times.

There is no more honorable man I could ever be more proud of.  

There is no friendship I value more, with a bond of depth and strength, that could only have been forged by who and what you are.

I am humbled by the gift of your love that has become my rock.  

You inspire me daily to want to strive harder, to be worthy of, and return to you, all that you have given to me and more.
For it is YOU who taught my heart to beat.  

You who taught my love to shine.  

You who taught me how to accept that which could not be changed and then attempt to turn it into something that could bring peace, not despair. 

You have taught me how to fill my life with what could be, not with what has already past by.  

You have given me the strength to endure and to keep anchored all that we have been blessed with.  

Your love has given me wings to fly and then encouraged me to use them... often.

I can no longer imagine a world without you in it. 

When my life is done, I want to able to look back and know that I will have given to you, everything that was within me.

I Love You.

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