29 January 2013

Digital Copy Or Hardcover?

I ran across a post today that it seems I have stronger beliefs about than I thought. I have an eReader, but there are some author's and/or books that I will NEVER get in digital format. There is something about holding a physical book in your hand. I don't know if it's the paper, the smell or just the solidity of holding an actual book in my hands that just can not be captured by an eReader in my humble opinion. 

In addition to preferring hardcovers to digital format for certain authors and or books, if I run across a ebook that I think I would like to read again, I usually buy it in hardcover if it is available. What I REFUSE to do is pay hardcover price for a digital book! Not ever going to happen! 

The only two positive things about digital books that I can say is that I appreciate the fact that I can read books at night while I lay next to my husband in bed without the bother of a book light, and that it has given me the opportunity to try new authors and take advantage of free book offers and/or discounts not given to a print book. If I like the author or the series, I'll usually go out and buy them in their physical form. 

The only other downside that I can see with using an eReader is that it means you are usually locked into reading a specific's brand format.  I have a Nook... or rather, I have three different types of Nooks and my husband and two of my daughters have the other types.  Should Barnes and Noble go out of business, my book library would essentially become useless and unreadable when the Nooks finally give up the ghost. Not too keen on investing in a huge library regardless of file type for that reason.

I read, on average, about 5-8 books a week. Yes, full length novels. I have the handicap of being able to read and absorb the written word far faster that most people which means I am often out of reading material.

Am I the only one that feels this way? Am I the only one who is thinking about what my future will look like without physical books? If you have an eReader, what kind do you have and why do you like it? Or not, as the case my be?

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