19 August 2011

Surgery, Icebergs And Dreams of Alaskan Grandeur...

Why, yes.  I'm still alive... why do you ask?  OK.  I left the world to it's own devices for a few months and just look at how civilization as we know it took a nose dive!

Still, I was reminded today that whenever I feel good enough, I should "seize the day" and wring every last drop of life from it.  Which is one of the reasons why I have NOT been sitting in front of my computer lately, tapping out blog posts.

The other reason would be medicinal in nature.  Which, believe me, when you have a severely herniated disc in your lower back, pressing hard against your spinal cord and sciatic nerve, is definitely called for in quantities that are best left for worse case scenarios.  I meant the large quantities of the "medicinal part".

Have I mentioned that I have grown an aversion to drills lately? Not all drills, mind you.  Just the kind doctors use to drill through bones with.

Surgery and assorted mishaps aside, I have found pain medication gives my unfortunate stomach the side effect of nausea when trying to look at any kind of screen...  Even for short periods of time.  So this will be short as I can already feel lunch rebelling.  I guess I really 'don't' have time to type about the Iceberg story or even about my husband's dreams of Alaskan Grandeur.

For now, I'm feeling better, nobody has burned down the house (although a fan did mysteriously fall out the second floor window... at least it wasn't the air conditioner again... honest... it really was just a fan and it really wasn't my fault... again) and the husband is home from a trip to Alaska.  So for now?  Life is good!