24 January 2011

Weather Report Education And Changes...

Today's weather report is as follows:

-32°F, without the windchill factor counted in this morning as I dragged my toasty warm body out from under the Mount Everest of blankets'-'32°, did you notice that cute little the minus sign before the number 32 indicates the negative number of degrees it is below 0°F In other words it's really flipping cold up here! (I would like to thank my husband for taking the kids to school this morning so that I could go back beneath our Mount Everest of blankets.)

Just in case you slept through, were wadding paper for spitballs, writing notes to pass to your friends or were out sick with the Bubonic Plague the day the LESSON ON THE PROPERTIES OF WATER were taught in your elementary school classH2O that would be water for those of you who might not have been mentally available in middle school freezes at 32°F.  Now according to my old Anatomy & Physiology Textbook (I did pay attention in college... at least for this discussion), our resident doctor, a woman's body that would be mine, is made up of about 55% water, men are about 60%.  Which means there is the possibility that today I could be affected by the laws of temperature, the application of this kind of cold temperature you know... the ridiculously frigid air that only polar bears and penguins love, could freeze a person that would be me solid rather fast then, I too could become another member of our winter lawn decorations... along with the swimming snowman and snow sharks.  Therefore, the laws of temperature and the fact that I am a homo sapien, would seem to make it prudent ya think? to remain indoors preferably a heated indoors, because the possibility of freezing solid is ridiculously high.  Please try to limit your time outside without appropriate weather gear we're talking Nanook of the North level of clothing here, to a minimum.  Aye, Aye Captain! Remain inside my 68°F heated home... under our Mount Everest of blankets... pulled over my head, avoiding becoming a human popsicle.  I can definitely agree with that surmise. thank you so very much!  It sounds absolutely delightful.
I am delighted to report that the temperature has rocketed up 24°in the last four hours!  We are now at sitting at a very balmy -8°F...  with a windchill factor of -14°F.  As your local weather reporter, I am happy to announce that we should reach the positive single digits for a high today.  I'm wondering if his life depends upon accuracy?  I sure hope not.  I've kinda gotten used to him and his type of gestures.  I really don't feel up to learning a 'newbie's mime.  I  We will keep you apprised of his physical condition of the weather as soon as the reports are made available.

In other news, changes are happening here at The Lemon Stand's website.  How drastic those changes might be will depend upon the level of frustration reached by the construction crew, in other words, ME available talent's schedule .  Should we go off the air, it will only be very temporary... I HopePlease stay tuned...
QOTD: "Weather forecast for tonight: Dark. Continued dark overnight, with widely scattered light by morning." ~ George Carlin


  1. Heh. And you wondered why I won't travel up there in winter. Hope y'all warm up soon.

  2. HA! No, I'm not laughing about your temperatures...just at the post.

    Didn't the Carlin line finish with something like, "...

    Oh crud. I knew it, but I went and looked it up to be sure...

    "Continued dark overnight, with widely scattered light by morning." I swear, I thought I had memorized every line the "Hippy Dippy Weatherman" ever spouted.

    Jeepers, LemonLady...that's just too dang cold for folks. I'd call it off if I was you.

  3. Meleah - This is not common for New England. I have seen it happen, but it's pretty rare. Still. HOT APPLE CIDER with breakfast.

    Andy - I actually didn't realize I had cut it off. Yesterday was pretty chaotic around here. Still. HOT APPLE CIDER with lunch.

    Mrs. Who - You have NO sense of Adventure... but in this case... neither do I! Still. HOT APPLE CIDER liberally spiked with Captain Morgan's Spiced Rum before, during and after dinner.


    AND to the kind soul (Mr/Miss/Ms/Mrs Weather) THANK YOU for leaving the weather link! http://www.theweatherland.com Still. I was at first perplexed as to what the difference was between the temperature on it and the temperature on the thermometers at the houses of our neighbor's and ours. Then I realized where they were taking the data from... which is almost 1,000 feet lower in elevation. Still, I LIKE the way the site is set up so I can adjust where the recording site is at. Thank you.

  4. Andy - Now see what you've done? I couldn't stand it any longer and had to go back and fix it...

  5. Sorry, Lemon Stand...didn't mean to pile more on ya'. Stay warm.

  6. Andy - It's IS a whole lot warmer than a few days ago... why right now we are at a very warm 33°F with only a very light snow mist falling. Even the windchill is cooperating with absolutely no wind. Soon it'll be time to break out the suntan oil... ;)

    As for the workload? I believe I've given up and am trying to reload the old style again. Not having much luck but then, since it's still visible, I'm happy to get a glass of wine and chill for the night. Hope it gets much warmer down in your neck of the woods... perhaps sandal weather? :P

  7. We're getting close, Lemon Stand. Looking for 66 (above) on Friday.

    February is an odd month for us here in NW Louisiana. We will have some snaps below freezing...often getting back in to the mid-teens. But, we will have some dry 70's...often hitting 80.

    Yep, I've got the sandals at the ready. I will clean the AC condensing unit the first 70 degree day to get it ready. Because by March, we'll be just right...cutting grass, tilling the garden, and barefootin' it.

    I love the South.

    I didn't realize you were having trouble with the layout, because everything looks fine. Ya' know, sometimes rearranging the furniture turns up bad spots on the carpet.

    Later, Andy


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