31 December 2011

No Drama...

If you didn't notice I was gone... Great! SINCERE Happy Holidays!

If you have left me a comment. I'm sorry, I haven't seen it.
If you have emailed me or snail-mailed me. I'm sorry, I haven't seen it.
If you have called me. I'm sorry, I haven't been able to answer it.
If you have even knocked on our front door.  I'm sorry, I wasn't able to answer it.
If you have tweeted, face-booked, circled, hell, smoked-signaled me or whatever new communication method that has been discovered in my absence....  just lather, rinse, repeat...
If you have visited me... I can't remember so don't take anything I said seriously...
I just wanted to let all of those who were starting to wonder if I'd gone on vacation...

I AM alive.
I HAVE most definitely been able to spend A LOT of time with my family (you know, you birth a child and they grow up so you think you really know them... apparently not. Luckily most of it has been humorous).
Our family even got to spend a day with my best friend's family! So YES. The holidays were lovely. As you can see I even still have my sense of humor.  :)  Unfortunately, I have had some complication issues come up with my back and am BACK on the serious drugs... (don't worry though... the humorous drug's aren't far behind I'm told, which means I will be fine.) It also means my computer looks like the spin cycle of my washer... So I just wanted to let everyone know that I'll be back... without a Schwarzenegger imitation...  It might take a little while so don't worry.

Happy New Year!

from typist. You can obviously tell she's feeling fine at the moment.  She's just impatient and a bad patient and a loopy patient and won't stop trying to get around.  Don't tell Mom I typed that!  She IS ok tho and she so picky about the spelling and she actually swore

15 December 2011

Santa's Training Mission Almost Ends In Tragedy...

Once upon a blue moon, I was actually stationed at the North American Aerospace Defense Command (otherwise known as NORAD) inside Cheyenne Mountain and I can tell you that they DO track Santa on Christmas Eve... Over the years, the ability to actually see this phenomena has evolved with the digital age.  This years plans were already being put in place as Google will clearly tell you... but apparently Santa did NOT tell them he was doing a few practice training missions with his reindeer and... well?  Ummmm, there is now at least ONE pilot who won't be seeing anything but coal in his stocking this year... unless, of course, the reindeer decide to leave their own 'presents'...  The pictures below the fold line might want to be kept from your offspring unless you are SURE that you can explain exactly what happened and how, everything by Christmas Eve will be the way it should be... (just thought I'd warn ya)

13 December 2011

Technology Is My Friend?

It's computer time here. Or should I say lack thereof? We started a snowball with one car accident with one of our daughters. The next day, my husband and another daughter, were in my car when they had a fight with a falling tree...  and didn't win the argument.

So many other things have suddenly decided to come for an extended stay with our family, that I am overwhelmed. SO. Everyone is doing fine... however, since chipping a bone off and herniating a disk in my back last February... somehow the TAXES never got filed! Just wanted everyone to know that all is well except for the entire family's filing skills. You do NOT want to know where I have been finding missing documents and receipts. If you have never heard of a Pulse (or Echo) pen by Livescribe... you should check it out. It is saving our collective hides and shortening my tax imposed stay glued to mountains of paperwork! (between organizing, putting lists together and recording (by voice) my very creative use of verbiage about all the places I have already searched... it also does something I never knew it could... I just have to write an equation on a piece of paper and it tells me the answer automatically... how cool is that?)

Anyway, I know I am known as the Queen of avoiding anything that looks like technology of any form. (understatement of the year) I just want to let everyone feel my pain of technology by watching this 6th grader... absolutely unbelievable!