22 August 2012

Notes Confirming Life As We Know It Is Back To Normal...

Although I have not been able to do much in the way of blogging this past week, I have been gathering various sticky notes, note pads and receipts that I tend to write on, to capture wonderful family moments. Note to self: make notes more descriptive so I can be more accurate in the details.

I cannot remember exactly when my husband was talking to Erin, but it was not too long after he first got home.  The conversation went something like this (see above note to self about notes):

Husband, "Remind me NEVER to go to war with you. I can hear you now:"

"I can't go into that foxhole, it's too dirty."

"Whoa! Time Out!!! My pack is too heavy, I couldn't possibly be expected to carry it AND march, hike or whatever."

"But, I don't know how to set up a tent... Come to think of it though, we're Air Force... we can just call room service, right?"

Husband, "And if you were a superhero? Your power would be whining at the bad guys until they died just to get away from you."

"Your superhero alias would be Goldilocks:"

"My porridge is too hot. My porridge is too cold..."

Erin, "I really hate you right about now."

QOTD: "Newspaper ad:  Hiring clowns, must be serious." ~ Unknown

15 August 2012

More Than Just A Litmus Paper Test...

Glass Half Empty... Wow! The husband has gone back to work and my Honey-Do List is not quite finished.

Glass Half Full... Wow! The husband has gone back to work, there's only one thing left on the Honey-Do List and this week is even shaping up to be a STELLAR week!  How do I know this?  Well, I'm not roadkill yet... :)

QOTD: "I am thankful for laughter... except when milk comes out of my nose." ~ Woody Allen

PS As I was looking for my quote of the day, I ran across an article about teaching the importance of laughter that I wish I had read when my children were small (this author and our family must be living in a similar universe. You'll notice I did not say 'same', as our conversations are definitely more bizarre considering the teen/ young adult status of our offspring).  Not that I think it is too late, mind you, but perhaps my husband's dry wit might have been a little wetter on occasion with a little help from me. Must ponder on how to implement this change... how hard could it be? **Please forgive the unladylike SNORT** Suggestions are welcome in the comments!