27 October 2016

It's Autumn in New England

   I love autumn in New England. Truly, I do. Autumn here is beautifully full of crisp air.  It is the time for pumpkins to carve, the turning of the leaves from a deep velvet green to a beautiful fireworks display of amazing color, delicious apple picking, the fun of watching the fat rabbits in our thicket, the majestic Canadian Geese flying north overhead to their home, the beginning of a break from the bears... Yes. You read that correctly. Bears.  
   If you've ever read anything of my old posts you will know I live in the middle of Nowhere.  No. Actually, that is not quite correct.  Nowhere has cable, internet and cell phone service.  We do not get most of that and what we do get is intermittent and expensive satellite that we cannot afford.  So to be more accurate, Nowhere is bigger than here with better amenities, but I digress. I do that a lot when I get a little unsettled.  It's snowing you see, not that I have a problem with snow most of the time but the last time we had snow this early in the year, bad things happened. Very bad things.  And I have just been assured the view outside our windows is not an illusion or mirage.  

Last time a tree fell down in the middle of the road not far from our house while my husband and one of our daughters were coming home and parts of the tree went threw the windshield and acting on instinct... well, sorry. (nobody was seriously injured)

  And I feel I must stress here that we do not, in fact, acquire or ask or pay anyone else to acquire what our family apparently uses as a unit of measure when we buy a new car. (I still wonder how many families there are that have thought processes similar to ours)

    I now patiently await the arrival of my husband who is driving home in the same kind of heavy wet snow showers. Him I trust with everything... unless there is a zombie invasion. Then I will have to call them as I see them. (That tale has already been told)

QOTD: "Life is about choices. Give up or get up." ~ One Girl Say @JaneSandero on Twitter

25 October 2016

The Short Story in Which I Almost Dip My Toe Into the Waters of Impoliteness

We've all had frustrating days.  Days when the procurement of medicinal chocolate has been unsuccessful. (Women will get this and if a man has any brain cells that fire and know at least a little about the necessary care and feeding of said women, will also understand these kinds of days.)  

Now I have had a LOT of time since I last blogged with any regularity to save up all sorts of tidbits and usually I try to stay away from anything truly negative, but when you've had a trying day... sometimes it just won't be contained. (Kinda like oatmeal, but that's a tale for another day) So here is the Lemon Stand couple on just such a day when none of the planets aligned and the stress of being apart for more than a few months hits us at a weak moment. (Lest anyone should ever get the feeling that our family is always about shining rainbows).

Husband: It's been a day.

Me: Are you okay?

Husband: Yeah. Occasionally jumping down someone's throat is therapeutic. It's refreshing to be an A*#^$@.  And your day?

Me: I haven't had the opportunity to be an A*#^$@ lately.  Some people have all the luck. :(

QOTD: "The place where optimism most flourishes is the lunatic asylum." Havelock Ellis (1859-1939) The Dance Of Life

24 October 2016

Life and Lemons in General

Life has a way of prioritizing what's important in life and for quite a while now I have been writing my stories in notebooks to save for a rainy day.  More and more, according to friends and family, I needed to start sharing my kind of lemonade recipes again.  Apparently they miss our bizarre family antics and a few of my recipes.
   Now that my husband's latest deployment is over, I am dusting off my notebooks and scattered notes.  I can't post every day and it will take me a while to catch up with all my favorite blogs, but I will have plenty of time during physical therapy. (There was a reason I was not called Grace)  But that is a story for another post.
   It is not New Years yet but I was never patient enough to wait for anything and that hasn't changed, but the rest of my life has. So I am not wasting another minute of a chance to start my next adventure. (Or in some cases misadventure... No one lets me forget the infamous air conditioner flight that happened this time of year. In fact, after that I was not allowed to even touch an air conditioner again. Spoil sports. It's not like lightening will strike twice, right?)
   So here's to a new year started a little early. Lots of mayhem, humor and a few more solemn posts to start spilling forth. Happy New Year!

QOTD: "When life gives you lemons, occasionally one can break out the Tequilla recipe, otherwise a potato canon is quite easily adapted to a lemon launcher." ~ Lemon Stand