29 November 2009

Different Military Branches Are... Well... Different...

I have often been asked the following question...

"Oorah, Hoorah, Woohoorah, etc. Who says what? Marines, Army, Navy, Air Force are all different, right?"
Now I know basically which is which but I emailed my husband for an answer because his descriptive verbal skills are so much more eloquent than my own...

He emailed me back, quite a while later with...
"Hooah", (meaning "heard, understood, acknowledged") is what you're thinking of, that's the Army, those that don't reply "Airborne or Rangers" or something strange like that...

Marines just say "Semper Fi", or sometimes "Oorah" (old school).

The Navy is "Aye Aye".

The Air Force doesn't say anything special; we're too busy checking and answering our e-mail...

QOTD:  "One of the serious problems in planning the fight against American doctrine, is that the Americans do not read their manuals, nor do they feel any obligation to follow their doctrine..."
- From a Soviet Junior Lt's Notebook


  1. My fav quote from an enemy speaking about fighting us is this -

    “The reason that the American Navy does so well in wartime, is that war is chaos, and the Americans practice chaos on a daily basis.”
    Adm. Karl Doenitz, of the German Kriegsmarine

  2. We were stationed at an AFB for awhile, and while I never thought I would see the day I missed "hooah" it felt like coming home when we came back to an Army post :)

  3. when I asked my husband if we wanted to move on post rather than into a townhouse, he asked if we really wanted to be "knee deep in the hooah". trying to explain THAT one - well it got a little difficult. Wonder why the AF doesn't say something strange - like Hooah etc...


  4. From Boudicca's Voice (http://boudicca.mu.nu)- I can't comment on your site. :( I don't have a google ID or any of those open IDs.

    What I wrote though was that RSM over at When the smoke Clears, wrote a funny post. He is in the Army in Afghanistan and he was with an instructor for something. It was RSM and some Marines. The instructor said something like, "Ooorah, that's what you Marines say, right?" And the Marines answered to the affirmative. And then the instructor said, "What do they say in the USAF?" and one of the Marines said, "Yippeee!" I laughed.

    (I've fixed the comments thing just for you, Bou) :o)

  5. BostonMaggie - I almost used that quote! Great minds think alike and all that!

    Dutchgirl - Nope, no hooah, oorah or even a hip, hip, hooray. :(

    LAW - I have no idea why the AF does not have anything strange to say. You'd think they would since we used to be the Army Air Corps... Hmmm. I'll have to see if I can find an answer to this question...

    Bou - you were right. When the Smoke Clears was pretty funny too. For those that want to read it, here is the link... http://blog.whenthesmokeclears.us/2009/11/05/valorupdate/

  6. You would think I would know them all since (if you read my month long post today) I have had family in all stations of the service.


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