17 January 2011

Monday Of Humor?

It's a holiday so I totally forgot that it was a Monday of Humor!  How about this?  Don't you just LOVE IT?  It caught my eye over on the Experience Project.  Rockinitasasnowbunny was using it as her icon and I had to ask her where it came from.  The creator of this wonderful graphic is Pookiecat77 on Photobucket.


  1. Hello, Lemon Stand,
    I see you found the owner of the icon. When you left me your blog address I had to come for a visit. Thank you more than I can say. I started a blog myself called Tails of a Left-handed Squirrel. My first blog was deicated to you. I hope you don't mind. My screen name here Blueyeoki. I hope you stop by for a visit.

  2. It's a killer rabbit, he's got huge sharp teeth, run away run away... Love the humor.

  3. Blueyeoki - "Hope I'll stop by for a visit?" **roll of eyes** Let me think. You are funny. You are a survivor of the 'crayon wars' and you are very, VERY brave! (I will leave it to you as to whether you wish to expound on this on your new blog)

    BTW - the creator of that icon has some AMAZING other creations which is why I not only wanted to give her credit... I wanted to also put the link for others to go and enjoy her wonderful artistic talent!

    vwbug - I KNEW you were going to love this one! Just be sure to keep the bunny a SAFE distance from the kids... even if they frustrate you so much you utterly itch to make the introductions... just sayin'

  4. Oh, and I forgot... the link to Tails of a Left-handed Squirrel is http://lefthanedsquirrel.blogspot.com/ I'm going now to add it to my list!

  5. That's one of my favorite pictures, I've used it on and off as a desktop for a long while.

  6. LeeAnn - Have you ever seen any of her other artwork? If you get the time and a chance, click on the link and go look. I only wish she would continue to make them. She's very talented.

  7. Ahahahhaah. Very, VERY funny, indeed!

  8. bwah-ha-ha! with big pointy teeth!


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