05 January 2011

Giving Is Supposed To Be From Here...

I've decided to start a book club.  This book club is going to be called The Giving Book Club.  The only books chosen and discussed will be books that give to the reader.  What the book gives would depend upon the reader. 

I was thumbing through one of my books because it was a tough day for me today.  It wasn't anything bad in particular.  Just one of those kind of days.  I have a headache.  I'm frustrated with the kids.  I'm upset with a billing office.  An ordinary day.  Like I said, just one of those kind of days.  It occurred to me that there had to be an amazing amount of people who had the same exact day I have just had.  So I chose, at random, one of my Lemonade shelf books.  Then I chose, at random, a page to share.

When I was quite small my immigrant Russian grandmother told me that people in this country give from the wrong place.  "When you give from here," she declared, pointing to her solar plexus, "it's like keeping a ledger book.  That's not giving, that's trading.  I give you three so you give me three.  I sweep the floor so you carry the bundles."

She pushed the wisps of white hair out of her eyes with the backs of her red hands, shaking her head back and forth, tsk-ing her tongue against her teeth.  "You give your soul away when you give like that.  Giving is supposed to be from here," she said, pointing to the center of her chest with a feathery finger.  "When you give from your heart, it's not so you get anything back.  There is no owing or owed.  You just give because you want to give.  When you give like this, it fills you up.  Your heart can never run out.  The more you give from there, the fuller you will be...  When you give like this, there are no strangers." ~ Dawna Markova from the book Random Acts of Kindness, An Illustrated Celebration ISBN 97814355125513 (On the inside cover, after the description of the book, it says, "from the book")
I immediately thought of someone in particular, who I know will LAUGH when she reads this post.  For everyone else?  I hope it puts a smile on your puss, like it did on mine.

I recommend this book highly.  It's not very large in size, but it's gargantuan in heart.  I bought it recently in Barnes and Nobles book store.  If you have read this book, I would love to read your opinion in the comments.  Who wants to choose the next book?  Just give it a tag of The Giving Book Club and I'll be sure to Google it.  I'm always looking for additions to buy for my Lemonade shelf.
QOTD: "Imagine what a world this would be if everyone did one kind thing every day." ~ "from the [same] book"


  1. You can find me here http://members7.boardhost.com/bookreviews/

    Writing a blog post here http://bookloversresource.com/book-lovers-resource/the-lesser-known-authors

    Or here http://www.goodreads.com/fw2books

    Discussing books. You're welcome to join any of those too. It's about my limit of internet time.

  2. That is awesome! Although my MIL would have been more, "When you give from HERE," while pointing at her fist. *snort*

    What a super great idea! I will definitely be doing this!

  3. I had missed this comment, but I'm glad you got to read it and I knew the irony of it in your case. Definitely thinking of you in any case.


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