25 February 2010

What's For Dinner?

This question usually comes up when I am in the middle of something or when I have totally forgotten to take something out of the freezer for dinner. So the conversation goes something like this:
Me: "Food"
Kids: "What kind of food?"
Me: "Edible food?"
Kids: "What kind of edible food?"
Me: "Tasty edible food?"
Kids: "Ok......what KIND of tasty edible food?"
Sense a trend here? I'm either struggling to finish something up or struggling to think of what is in the pantry that I can throw together. In either case I feel like I'm gasping for air.

When the kids were younger I could talk them into forgetting what they asked in the first place. Now I'M the one left wondering what the question was.

To cheer myself up about this matter, I have started asking myself what each of my offspring would serve me if they lived on their own and I came to thier house for dinner? At the moment I would opt for Erin because I'm pretty sure she would be serving hot dogs....
QOTD: "Ask a child what they want for dinner only if they are buying." Fran Lebowitz (1958-)


  1. You forgot another line...

    "What kind of food"

    "meat and potatoes"

    "what kind of meat and potatoes"

    Which is about when I tell him that his nintendo will be put away for a week if he doesn't leave me alone to make his supper.

  2. Try answering the question with this

    "I dunno. What did you make?"

  3. Now I want chili dogs for dinner. Oooh, or corndogs. Dang it, decisions decisions.

  4. "Food"
    "What kind of food?"
    "The kind I cook"
    "What kind of food do you cook?"
    "The kind you eat"
    "What kind do I eat?"
    "Whatever I cook...shoo".

    Of course, this conversation would never take place in my kitchen because (a) I don't have kids, and my pet rock knows better (b) I burn water and cause mental breakdowns of smoke detectors (c) my kitchen looks like a warzone BEFORE I start and (d) my place is an EPA SuperFund site.


    My pet rock: "What's for dinner?"
    Me: "For me, delivery Chinese; for you, mineral water".
    My pet rock: "Where are you going to get mineral water?"
    Me *dumps glass of water on Seymour*...
    My pet rock: *spluttering*
    Me: "There's the water...you're the mineral.."

    My pet rock doesn't like me much some days...

  5. Glad to share lemonade you again. I am so in the mood for a big, icy glass of lemonade and chili-cheese dogs.

  6. Farmwifetwo - What "kind" of meat and potatoes? I'd have to tell my kids... "Mystery Meat" and let them stew over that for a while.

    Roses - Absolutely!

    Meleah - I like mine with lots of onions, ketchup, mustard AND relish thank you very much!

    Leeann - Although Chili dogs comes in a close second.

    Skunkfeathers - too funny! And I so get the smoke detector thing. I have 5 daughters who needed to learn how to cook for themselves!

    Laura - always glad for your company.

  7. That sounds a lot like the conversations we have in the house around a meal time. Along with "what are you fixing me?" They hate it when I ask this question. But amazingly, they leave me alone for a while.


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