17 July 2012

Tuesday At The Cliffs of Insanity...

When faced with the white screen of death I'm intelligent enough to know when to cry uncle and then call it a day. Life is too short to agonize over the written word in any of it's various forms. I'm also not one to seriously contemplate taking a header off the 'Cliffs of Insanity' simply because I can think of nothing worthy of writing about. I guess that's a bit of a conundrum since I am currently composing to you a post about not being able to compose.

I suppose I could steal someone else's work, but that is frowned upon in polite society, but most importantly... I KNOW it is utter stupidity to confess to anything on the internet, illegal or otherwise. I would be labeled TSTL (Too Stupid To Live, think horror movie characters), for such behavior and rightly so.  I would also deserve to be thrown into the slammer, but since I'm safe, having never knowingly filched someone else's hard sweat equity along with their angst over it's creation, I'll just bask in the knowledge that I can't possibly be labeled TSTL, which, by the way, brings to me many, many warm fuzzies of happy, happy, joy, joy... well that and the comforting recognition that I don't have to meet any new cell mates in the foreseeable future.  (nor be at the mercy of our kids who would allow me to languish in misery there in the slammer so as to negotiate for benefits before I could make bail...  and so I do not have to brush up on my negotiating skills, which is always a plus).

Besides, I have been blessed with the talent to describe something using forty words of prosaic prose while everyone else would use a miserly four words. (not that any of my kids would call this a blessing)


  1. Wait, your husband came home 3 days ago and you're writing elliptically about illegal activities?


    Hoohah. :)

  2. VW Bug - think it's been more a case of wanting to spend more time with my family right now... I'm sure that feeling can't last TOO long. :)

    Katie - BROWN CHICKEN BROWN COW? I love it! Still, as it's quite noticable that I am still MIA at the moment from my blog, it is also a status that can't last too long either.


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