08 February 2017

The Little Engine That Could

   I've always loved the story of The Little Engine That Could.  

"I think I can, I think I can, I think I can, I know I can."

   It is a lesson I think too many adults forget.  Recently I was asked to teach a beginners quilt class and since I have never taken a quilt class, I went online to find some inspiration for beginning quilters.  What I found was rather discouraging if you have never picked up a sewing needle in your life which is where I was focusing this class.

   So many people have told me they couldn't possibly learn how to quilt, or they don't have the money for supplies or a sewing machine but I knew it could be done anyway because when I first started I didn't know anything and I was dead broke.  People learned to quilt long before sewing machines and rotary cutters.

  Since my class is taught every Monday, I have been trying to get a blog post on a new blog to accommodate the lessons for those who could not be at the class every week.  Life happens.  I also wanted to be able to put smaller projects on that blog as well because sometimes a big project is just too overwhelming for a beginner.

   I figure one block a month could be the perfect way to accomplish all my goals.  A single block could be used as a hot pad or wall hanging. Several could be made into a table runner.  I few more and a lap or baby quilt.  

   It just reminds me that anyone can eat an entire bear... one small bite at a time. (unless it's made of chocolate and then all bets are off... just sayin')

PS The journey starts at A Little Zakka...

QOTD: "You will never be like the 'Little Engine That Could' if you sit around on your caboose." ~ Les Brown