24 January 2017

Lobbed Lemons Make A Satisfying Splat!

Lemons abound lately at Casa de Lemon Stand and so I have decided to play hooky from being an adult.  I have created the following schedule for tomorrow:

1. Watch cartoons while I eat Fruit Loops for breakfast.
2. Watch the dust motes in my living room dance in the sunlight that comes in through the windows. 
3. Pick a book from my TBR (to be read) pile at random and read it instead of doing the dishes.
4. Microwave leftover pizza for lunch.
5. Finish reading book. (unfortunately I am a fast reader and go through books like candy)
6. Take a hot shower and sing at the top of my lungs my favorite 80s playlist and put on my comfiest PJs.
7. Ask husband to pick up Chinese food on his way home from work.
8. Pop some popcorn and binge watch the early Indiana Jones movies.
9. Go to bed with paper and pencil and sketch my garden plan for this year.
10. Turn out the light and dream of my happy place.

When I wake up the day after tomorrow, I will tackle my adult to-do list again and make real progress.

I think this is called taking a mental health day.


  1. A very sensible approach. And don't be afraid to make it two days; I won't tell.

  2. Very true. This time I only needed one but two days smacks of a vacation so I'm saving those up. :)


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