14 November 2010

You Made A Difference Award - Lily and Roses...

This is probably one of the hardest posts I've ever written, but I wanted this one post to be perfect.  Perfect for two sisters who have left more behind them than they know.  Lily and Roses.   Roses' blog, ACK! THBBBT!, engraves small snippets of humor she finds in her day and the world around her.   I believe there is no greater gift to give, than a smile.  For in smiles lay happiness.  Within happiness resides the heart.  And within the heart lies life.

Roses wrote a post about a box of crayons, her sister Lily had once given her.   A box of crayons given by their Mother, and meant for Lily.   Because this memory remained very special to Roses, she shared the story in a post on her blog.  And in sharing, she had given a poignant description that I will remember of what sisters should be like.   I now think my own sisters have given me more than I realized, more than even they realized and Roses' post made me want to give something back.

According to Roses, Lily did not remember that one small act of kindness.  Lily had given to Roses not only a box of crayons, but the memory of that day.  Roses wrote that many years later, she had tried to return in kind, the gift that Lily had given to her.   But it really wasn't the box of crayons they exchanged.  It was now Roses who did not realize, how very special that gift had become.  For in that one small act of kindness, I think she gave to Lily the real gifts that had been given to her.  The gifts of the love and friendship of sisters.

Lily, her sister, has stage 5 liver cancer and so, for their family, every day is precious.  Every hour a milestone.  Every minute a memory to save.  I have thought of them often and I have hoped and prayed.  

To Lily and Roses, I have no power to change whatever is to come, either in your lives or my own, but I do know that this day is not yet over, and for as long as that is true, I wish for you and your families more 'life' in the time you do have, but when the time has come, I hope you know that "It's not what you take with you when you leave this world behind you, it's what you leave behind you when you go."

[I had not intended to post this.  Instead, I sent it directly to Roses.  She gave me permission to share this, and for that, I thank her.]


  1. I loved that story about the crayons. I actually laughed really hard because I could so see it happening with me and my sister. But... as with a lot of Roses posts, I was very touched as well. It made my heart warm.

    Roses is one of the best writers out there.

  2. BTW, not sure where the stray 'f' came from. Sheesh. It was me...

  3. Thank you to Roses for allowing you to share it. And thank you for sharing ACK! THBBBT! I love it!

  4. Beautiful.

    I remember reading that story at Roses' Place. Thanks for the reminder. I appreciate bloggers like Roses that are willing to share their trials as well as their triumphs.

    Kinda like the Lemonade Lady does...

    Good on both of y'all.

  5. Thank you both. I remember that post as well... what a great way to help us all recall it, particularly near the holidays when stress seems to get out of control.

  6. Aw. This was so touching, Im glad Roses said you could post this story!

  7. Roses - Thank YOU so much again for allowing me to share as much as I could. I'm so glad you gave me the opportunity to explain just how much it meant to MY family.

    Bfou? (on a normal keyboard, the f is a little out of the way for Bou... subliminal thoughts?) :)

    Bou - There are few blogs I love just as well. Roses has that talented ability to be able to say so much in so few words. I'm so glad there are so many others who were as touched by this post as my sisters and I.

    Amber - I was surprised but VERY grateful. I'm glad you got the chance to be introduced to such a wonderful, warm-hearted person. (who also happens to write with that 'certain something' that you have to be born with. It's not something that can be taught, in my humble opinion.)

    Andy - Thank you for your kind words. I DID see your appreciation of this post back in September over at Ack! Thbbbt!!

    vwbug - You know, I never really thought of it like that, but you are so right. I don't want to be reminded of sales and the superficiality this season has become. Sometimes blessings are overlooked in the rush and stress. This is what I think is most important to always keep in mind.

    Meleah - I don't know if you had already been introduced to Roses, but now that you have, please keep her and her family in good and kind thoughts this season and beyond.


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