25 January 2010

Dinner Manners At The Lemon Stand Household...

Me, while glaring at my husband who is eating in front of the kids, "Why are you eating that slice of meat with your fingers?"

My husband, with an angelic, questioning look on his face as he answers, "Because I'm wearing shoes and my feet can not reach my mouth?"

Me, still glaring at my significant other because he continues to eat in a manner fit for barnyard animals in front of the kids, "Why can't you use a fork?"

My husband answers with a patently false misunderstood look on his face, "I already put it in the sink."

Me, getting really exasperated with his determination to look confused about WHY we, as adults, should not be setting such an example, "Why did you decide to eat it with your fingers instead of with a clean fork?"

My husband, "Because bobbing for meat never caught on?"
Check Mate.  Yep.  After knowing him for over thirty years (and yes, that was before his voice changed) I have learned when to just throw in the towel.  I have also learned how to get even...  Stay tuned...
QOTD: "Fatherhood is pretending the present you love most is soap-on-a-rope." ~ Bill Cosby (b. 1937) American Actor, Comedian and Producer


  1. I feel your pain, flyboy decided that running in the kids room when they wouldnt sleep and shooting them with nerf guns was the answer. no no not so much. they think that is a game.

  2. OMG...you are married to my Dad.

  3. Im looking forward to finding out HOW you got even!

    And LOL @ mrs. who!

  4. Been busy and so I have missed your blogs and your witty insight. Stupid Blogger still doesn't update my posts anyways, so no sense in giving it any thought.

    Yup! It's official - you are a solid married comfortably couple. You probably do the silent thing well. I'm still working on that. Sometimes I wish there are days my husband would just be silent and not let his "not so witty" comments be heard. At least your hubby is funny.


  5. After reading this post, I have a vision of Younger Son as an adult.

  6. Maybe he wasn't sleeping in that picture I have of him!! He was trying to bob for food!! We never knew.

  7. The Mrs. - OK. Now I KNOW we don't want our husbands to meet. I won't even tell you about his nerf arsenal...

    Mrs. Who - OMG! I sure hope not! (But just in case... do you have a recent picture?) :)

    Meleah - Oh, the payback is coming but I am definitely in the planning stage. I can't do these things off the cuff like my husband can. Will post when the trap has been sprung...

    May - blogging technology is definitely something that doesn't come easy to me. Hang in there.

    BTW, is there ANY woman who has not learned "the look" that works on her spouse? Well, ok, at least works SOME of the time? Of course, he has that "look" too. So I really don't feel bad deploying that kind of tactics at him. He tends to give as good as he gets.

    Roses - If I have given you a vision of your younger son as a man... Be Afraid... be very afraid! :)

    Karen - oooh, oooh, that would be perfect blog fodder. Could you scan and send it to me? Pretty please! :)


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