02 November 2010

The Final Punctuation Mark...

Today my father would have turned 74.  For a lot of reasons the past week has been a rough one but I remembered last night that today would have been his birthday.   

My father was a gifted artist who didn't have faith in his abilities.  Despite the fact that art was probably his greatest strength his parents did not encourage him because they were absolutely sure that he would never be able to support himself, much less a family.  He had been given a full four year scholarship to the Boston College of Art based solely on a High School art exhibit.  

If you want to succeed, capitalize on your strengths and know your own weaknesses. (and be brutally honest with yourself about just what those strengths and weaknesses are)

The legacy my Dad left to me was the knowledge that giving up is far worse than trying and failing.  I don't want to define my life by my past and what I let slip by me, but instead for what I never quit striving for.  I already know I want to be running when the sand runs out...
My Dad died one morning after an all night binge. It was sad as the final punctuation mark in a life that had so many opportunities missed.   That's not the punctuation mark I want to leave behind.

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