15 August 2012

More Than Just A Litmus Paper Test...

Glass Half Empty... Wow! The husband has gone back to work and my Honey-Do List is not quite finished.

Glass Half Full... Wow! The husband has gone back to work, there's only one thing left on the Honey-Do List and this week is even shaping up to be a STELLAR week!  How do I know this?  Well, I'm not roadkill yet... :)

QOTD: "I am thankful for laughter... except when milk comes out of my nose." ~ Woody Allen

PS As I was looking for my quote of the day, I ran across an article about teaching the importance of laughter that I wish I had read when my children were small (this author and our family must be living in a similar universe. You'll notice I did not say 'same', as our conversations are definitely more bizarre considering the teen/ young adult status of our offspring).  Not that I think it is too late, mind you, but perhaps my husband's dry wit might have been a little wetter on occasion with a little help from me. Must ponder on how to implement this change... how hard could it be? **Please forgive the unladylike SNORT** Suggestions are welcome in the comments!

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