24 March 2011

Nobody Says It Better Than Rachel...

While her father was deployed to the sandbox back in 2003, Rachel, who at the time was about nine years old, wrote the following class writing assignment.  Her teacher actually called me to make sure I didn't miss seeing it.  Our daughter may be dyslexic, but nobody can say more, with fewer words or wit, than she can.  Even back then.  I scanned and emailed it to her father who posted it inside his work tent.

Dear Mother Nature...

In case the words do not appear as clearly on your monitor as they do on mine, I just thought I'd add the transcript.
                                   February 26, 2003
Dear Mother Nature,
With all due respect, can we 
please have Spring now.  Please
make the snow melt so we 
may have some green grass.  So we
can leave school.
                                               from Rachel

I'd normally add a quote of the day, but I can't think of a single thing to add to this.  (Especially since the weather report last night included the word 'snow'.)


  1. Time for a trip to Florida. Grab the family and come on down!

  2. And here we are, it's the end of March, and it didn't break 40 degrees all afternoon. Maybe Rachel needs to send a follow-up?

  3. I love this IT!!!! She is fantastic. Sorry I haven't commented sooner. Been so busy. She proves the rule... Out of the mouthes of babe's. She is a great person. What a mind.

  4. Let's see...balmy 70 degrees here in L.A. (lower Alabama). Lots of grass. Lots and lots of damn grass. Needs mowing. So Spring has its caveats.

  5. .. .hahahaha!.... she is one clever girl!....


  6. I wrote a post today that I want you to read. I'm getting my "We have to do something" bug back.

  7. I miss you! Hope all is well over there. Do I need to send out a search party?

  8. Oh we don't have a problem with not enough green grass, but we do get too much brown grass from too much heat! Dang, do we need rain...

    I love this letter. Love it.

  9. Just dropping by to wish you and your family a blessed Easter!


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