20 November 2009

We Are Raising Social Hyenas...

Another post from the dinner table at our house....

We all had settled down and the conversation at our table was pretty average...for us. Rachel was complaining about a Rap Concert her Music teacher was making everyone participate in.
"Can't you call the school and get me out of it? I HATE rap music!"
 Nicole has the same opinion and wasn't shy about sharing it.
"Yeah, Country Music plus Rap equals CRAP."
Lovely. (I happen to like country music and although I am pretty eclectic in my music tastes I don't much like rap myself.)
"Well I had to do Romeo and Juliet and you'll just have to suffer like the rest of us."
Nicole said, "We had to sit through 'Opera'." 
(Opera being emphasized like it was the worst form of plague and before you ask, no, I don't much like Opera either but come on....even I can broaden my horizons on occasion)

I finally told Rachel that everyone has their own cross to bear and hers just happens to be her current Music Teacher. She'll survive.

Conversation continued but as every new subject was introduced, the kids would jump all over the initiator with their comments containing an escalating amount of sarcasm and wit until my husband looked at me and finally said,
"We are raising social hyenas."
I'm thinking to myself that it's a good thing we don't have company often. Imagine the carcasses that would be devoured and where would we bury the remains?
QOTD: "Why don't you save the hyenas the trouble and kill me now? JUST KILL ME NOW!" The Lion King 1 1/2 (2004)
(Originally posted 4 Oct 2006)

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