01 December 2009

Friends And Family...

I am discombobulated today.  (Hey, I spelled that right the first time!  The spell checker didn't even whimper.  Maybe that's a sign?  I dare you to come up with a better adjective!) 

Seriously though, I'm going to be a scrooge and say that I really don't like this time of year.  Our home has been in chaos since just before Thanksgiving and never slows down until just after New Years or whenever the Christmas decorations get put away.  (Generally I try to make that happen sometime before Easter, but sometimes...)

The husband has drill this weekend and I think I may let him fend for himself.  He can hunt and gather rather well so I don't need to fear he'll starve.  But I need to be with my best friend's family.  My sister from another mother.  

You know how some friends really energize and comfort you with just their voice or presence?  The kind of friend who isn't afraid to tell you that you are being stupid?  The kind you just love being able to sit down at the same table and have a cup of teaa... and not have to say a word.  I've been blessed with one of those.  (And although we haven't talked since before Thanksgiving, I can feel that she needs a friend right now.  Does that make sense?)  The only problem is that we live several hours from each other so it has been way too long since I've seen her and her family.  My kids adore her.  (probably because she doesn't take any crap from them... or me)  :)

Have I mentioned that she is Rhode Island Italian?  (I'm not sure why the "Rhode Island" designation is important, but apparently it is.) 

I wonder if she'll hear me in Rhode Island if I whine loud enough.
"Keeeeelllllyyyyyy!  Neeeeeeddddd Meat-a-balls...." 
Speaking of whining...  Nicole did not want to get out of bed this morning and after a few minutes of whining I headed into the kitchen for a TALL, ICE COLD, glass of water to assist me in my endeavor to shoe horn her out of bed.  Today I didn't even make it to the hallway to her bedroom before I was treated to a dirty look and the comment "You're really rude Mom!" 

I'm thinking, 'desperate times call for desperate measures'

A little while later, I went looking for her and found her hiding in the bathroom.
::Knocking on bathroom door, ice water in one hand just in case...::
"Did you fall asleep on the toilet?"
::Disembodied voice::
"Yeah, Mom. I'm dreaming of a better place."
Ok. I guess I won't be the one to bust that bubble.

Finally, Danielle and Rachel keep asking me why I don't do a post on their favorite lemons "saying"? They don't like the one about lemons and making lemonade.  This is my children's take on lemons... "When life gives you lemons, you make grape juice and then sit back and enjoy watching the world wonder how you did it..."

And for further decoration on my blog today, Rachel (our resident artist) would like to draw a rabbit...

  (\ /)
c(") (")

I know my post today is all over the place.  It doesn't flow like a zen river... hmmmm.  Probably because the only way to achieve zen is Kelly's spaghetti...  Anyway, like I said.  I'm discombobulated today.  :)  I hope everyone has a great day.  I'm off to help with the book fair at Erin's school.

QOTD: "Having one child makes you a parent; having two makes you a referee." David Frost (1939-) The Independent, 1989


  1. Whenever I need to regain my combobulatedness, I stay in bed with kitties and books. Cuddlecakes joins me ( it only happens on a weekend, work screws with my peace and quiet ) and she has her books and crosswords.
    The day goes by really slowly and by nightfall I am a big 'ol bag of relaxed.
    You may have send the spawn to grammas house though.

  2. You really got my brain matter working with the word combobulatedness. The next post was meant for you... http://lemonademadedaily.blogspot.com/2009/12/lemon-stand-vernacular.html


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