23 December 2009

Teaching By Example?

“Mom, it’s time to get up. Your alarm clock has been going off for about 20 minutes!”
::Rolling over and pulling the covers up over my head::
“Mom, you have to drive us to school. We don’t want to be late.”
::Pulling pillow over head.::
“Mom, I’m going to get the ice water.”
(For those who have not read my blog all that long I just want you to know that pouring ice water over my children is what I normally give them as a consequence if they don't get out of bed when they need to... although for some reason I have never had to actually resort to the pouring.  Standing over their bed with a glass of ice water has been about as far as it has ever taken when extreme measures were called for.  Most of the time the sound of the ice maker dispensing ice cubes does the trick.) Apparently now they have decided not to have any compunction about returning the lesson...
“Tell Daddy to take you!”
“He’s at work. He told me to make sure you got up.”
::Grumbling as I crawl out from under my pillow::
“I vote him off the island.”
“Mom, GET UP!!!”
“All right, already! Shees, give me a minute to fire up the brain cells. You didn’t even bring me tea….or breakfast in bed…or paid me homage yet….”
“I’m going to get the water…”
Why is it that the lessons you WANT them to learn fast, takes a lifetime…and the ones you just wouldn’t mind taking a little longer, they suddenly become the genius child?
QOTD: "They know enough who know how to learn." Henry Adams (1838-1918) The Education Of Henry Adams (1918)


  1. The other day my 11 year old told my 6 year old son, "You DON'T want me to come up there!"


  2. Probably because they mimic their greatest teachers, mom and dad. Manuia le Kirisimasi ma le Tausaga Fou. That is said in my native tongue, Samoan.

    Thank you for the smiles and the insight. I'm grateful for your blog that gives me another voice of reason.

    From one military family to another, enjoy your Christmas.



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