27 June 2013

Black Holes And Universes...

Recently it came to me that almost all of our children have really grown up and instead of being participants in their lives, my husband and I are now merely spectators. I don't feel like we're old enough to have all our children grown yet. Still, I've come to an undeniable truth I didn't know when we started our wonderful and quirky family so many years ago:
"Children are like your own personal black hole that will eat up all your money, all your energy, all your patience, all your soul and your very life and you sometimes wonder why you wanted them... and then one day, you look inside that black hole and you realize that it is not black, nor is it empty, but instead it is now a whole new breathtakingly beautiful, awe inspiring universe just waiting to be explored." ~ by Lemon Stand


  1. Very cool, LemonLady.

    Know the feeling well, and understand the heart behind it.

    When you wake up, and have two sons 30+ years old, and another 23 serving in Afghanistan (saving lives of his fellow Soldiers), and the last one 17 missing all of his brothers that have moved on.


    Gee...Ain't It Funny How Time Slips Away?

  2. So very true Andy! Hopes and prayers for all of your family. It's rough when deployment hits our family, but it's a comfort to know there is a home to come back to. :)

  3. Yep, they move on. We only have one left at home, and his hot air balloon is tugging the ropes holding him here. And actually, the freedom will be a good thing for everyone. Except for the damn dogs. Now we have to find someone to watch them when we go out of town.

  4. Not there yet but Love your saying... I might need that in a few years.


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