05 November 2009

Mother/Daughter Conversations...

Nicole, "Mom, have you ever thought about having an affair?"

Me, "No."

Erin, "Mommy would never look at another guy!"
**rolling my eyes**
Rachel, "Mom looks at other guys. Her eyes glaze over anytime she sees Hugh Jackman!"

Me "Hmmmm. I don't know if you could consider day dreaming as actually thinking about having an affair. I can tell you that I truly appreciate nicely proportioned, testosterone enhanced scenery as well as any other woman."

Danielle, (to her sisters) "You can be happily married and appreciate other men.... you just can't jump on them like they're the last chopper out of 'Nam."
My jaw dropped.
Danielle, "Well, it's true! I heard it on a comedy podcast."
My parents NEVER prepared me for this!
QOTD: "The perfect love affair is one that is conducted entirely by post." George Bernard Shaw (1856-1950) Irish literary critic, Playwright and Essayist
(Orginally posted 22 Apr 2007)

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