20 November 2009

Is Email Really A Form Of Communication?

So I emailed my husband last week at work. He has been working hard to get things ready for a big inspection.  I had decided not to interrupt him with a phone call. He’s busy and I figured that if I emailed him on the computer he could get back to me whenever was convenient for him. So our communication went something like this:
Me, I have the kids and am doing errands. Do you want to meet somewhere for dinner? Or maybe I could drop the kids off at home and we could go on a date?

Husband, I dropped the van off at the garage, the mechanic can’t look at the check engine light, his computer died and it won’t be fixed until next week so I’ll have to bring the van back.

Me, OK, did he say how much the broken heater was likely to cost?

Husband, Haven’t heard back yet, dinner sounds good.

Me, Okkaayy.  I can tell you don’t read my email in it’s entirety. DINNER OUT WITH KIDS OR DINNER DATE W/WIFE?????

Husband, No, I do read your e-mail. I figured if you show up with the kids, then it’s dinner with the wife and kids. If you show up with out them, we can be out of state in less than an hour…
I don’t think that I will every truly get this form of computerized communication. How is it supposed to be faster if it takes 6 emails to have a meaningful conversation?
QOTD: “Never trust a computer you can’t throw out the window.” Steve Wozniac

1 comment:

  1. Nickel's worth.... it's the exact same conversation when they're sitting across the table from you at noon... sigh....


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