18 November 2009

Santa Clause Might Want To Rethink Stopping At Our House...

My conversation with Rachel yesterday...
Rachel, "How does Santa get to everyone's house in one night?" (She already knows the answer, but of course, she is setting me up...)

Me, "It's magic."

Rachel, "How does he know what you want? If he knows that much about you, he must be stalking you. Why don't the police ever arrest him for stalking? And how come he never gets arrested for breaking and entering? And for that matter, he doesn't ever seem to get caught for stealing cookies either. Why doesn't he ever have to pay for his crimes?"

Me, "Huh.... You know you really know how to kill the Christmas Spirit?"
Rachel, "Don't worry Mom, it's only November. There's plenty of time to get it back. Still, I think Santa should at least be reported to the SPCA or PETA. Just look at the amount of fur he wears on his clothing and how he forces the reindeer to work more than an eight hour shift. And really... we should sic the fashion police on him. Sheesh, everyone knows that red is NOT a suitable color for a guy that large!"
Guess it's time to cancel Christmas at our house...
QOTD: "After today, I'll bet Santa takes a shovel to the reindeer stalls to fill your stocking." Bill Watterson (1958-) American Author of the comic strip Calvin & Hobbs


  1. I heart your daughter's brand of Christmas spirit! ;)

  2. My husband thought the conversation was very funny. He knows I think all the kids got his warped sense of humor. (Must be a guy thing) :)


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