01 November 2009

A Walk Down Memory Lane...

Since it has been so long since I have been able to read ANY of my old favorite blogs, I have been trying to see which ones are still around and sadly, many of them are gone.  Even more sadly... some of my favorite ones I used to love to comment on or link to in some of my old posts have... ::gasp::  forgotten The Lemon Stand.

No worries, at least not until my friends and family figure out I'm back and didn't send out the announcements...

Those who know me well, KNOW I suck at birthday cards, reminders (heck I can't remember the event most of the time!), congratulations, Christmas cards, letters and notes.  Unfortunately I was born without that gene in my DNA.  Blame it on my parents...  Looks like I will have to do some digging into my archives at home to jog some memories.  Let's see.  Who shall I pick on first? ::mischievous grin:
Well, actually...  I guess I have to play nice because lately I have REALLY been remembering a certain, mouth watering post by Sous...  So let me FIRST take you back to THIS PARTICULAR POST.  (Just don't blame me when you suddenly get the desire to run to the grocery store)  :o)

I have to do a little editing to the next post from the past but I figure as long as I am relearning how to work this blog with all the 'new and improved' software, these first few posts will work as my guinea pigs.  :o)  (By the way, have you ever noticed that when something says 'new and improved', it isn't or it is invariably more difficult to figure out?)
QOTD:  “We all have our time machines. Some take us back, they're called memories. Some take us forward, they're called dreams.”  Jeremy Irons, British Actor (b.1948)


  1. *shudders* And yet I read it and wonder how many people I confused with some of my advice in there.

  2. I have missed you SO MUCH! I'm so glad you're back! And perfect timing, too!

    I need to read about lemonade! YAY!

  3. Sous - The directions were good enough for me to drool just thinking how good the last roast was. I'm sure tonight's dinner will be just as fabulous!

  4. Man, I still need to remember to write ALL my comments before I click on PUBLISH... Boy, are you all going to have to be patient with the looks of my blog. Looks like my learning curve looks like a road bump instead of a launching pad!

    Susan! I was so glad to hear from you too. Saw your blog and the news on the home front. [BIG virtual hug!!!] Hang in there. :o)

    AFW! (LURV the new picture!) Yeah I read about your home front too. Well ladies, spit out the lemon seeds (maybe we should have a contest to see who can spit them the farthest!), settle back and enjoy some lemonade with me.

    Actually, today seems to call for chocolate. So I'll have my chocolate hot and with whipped cream please?

    Army Wife - MAN have those kids of yours GROWN! I miss that age so much. Oh, and my cats tell me that will be happy to come and terrify your dog into submission for you...

    I thank you all for your warm welcome back to the family fold! All the warm fuzzies are exceeding all the dust bunnies under my furniture and we all know how THEY multiply!

  5. You're BACK!!! I was so excited to see you again. Yay.


  6. Wooooooooooooooooo!!! I am so glad you're back! I've missed you :) Yay!!!!


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