09 December 2009

A Cat, A Picture And A Little Bit Of Humor...

OK. This post is not deeply intellectual. It did not require thought or planning. It is not informative or even words of wisdom. It is plain fluff. In the making of lemonade, occasionally, just a smile or chuckle will get you through the day.


It is no secret that we are owned by a pack of cats.  Despite the fact that we saved them from certain death, they consider themselves superior.  I believe that it has been said that dogs have owners, cats have staff. 

Anyway, my kids educated me in this type of artwork.  We spent the next hour laughing at a few sites that excel in this type of thing.   I thought I would share some of the chuckles with you today.  Enjoy.  (I will be back for a regular post a little later...)


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