14 December 2009

Janedictorian Or Drivethrudictorian?

We were sitting down to dinner when school grades and school friends were being discussed. Nicole has a wonderful friend I will just call Donna. 

Nicole, "D is so intense. She studies for quizzes all night long! She takes every assignment, every grade like it was supremely important."

Me, "Too bad that kind of behavior didn't rub off."

Nicole, "Mom, she's going to be the class Valedictorian!!! Why would I aspire to that?"

Her father, "It's ok. You can be the class Janedictorian. You could study the world of janitorial services! Or perhaps the Drivethrudictorian...?"

QOTD: "What is not started today is not finished tomorrow." Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
(Originally published October 2007)


  1. bwahahahahahahahahahaha, janedictorian! Yeah if my son doesn't stop acting like we should support him in his making manager at Little Caesars, I'm going to start calling him a Pizzatorian. As if I'd be encouraging you picked up more hours and cut back on the studying in college, yeah right!


  2. I knew someone when I was in grad school who used to teach high school. He said he would tell the kids who had no interest in working to earn a grade, "That's OK. Then you only need to know five more words for the rest of your life: 'You want fries with that?'"

    I've never been quite brave enough to try that on some of my college students, much as I'd like to.


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