01 March 2010

All Things British... Or Not...

So Danielle has long been a fan of British television.  You can always find her watching either Dr. Who or Top Gear.  She has even got the rest of the family hooked, especially on Top Gear.  Now if you don't know what this show is about... by all means, let me introduce you...

Now in the previous post I discussed Danielle and celebrity stalking but I didn't mention exactly WHO.  One of the individuals high on her list is Richard Hammond of Top Gear.  If you have never seen Top Gear then you must give it a try.  It is not only interesting but the presenters are also very funny.  The premise of the show is to race across a certain country, obstacle or environment.  The three presenters use different methods of transportation to some hilarious effect.  They have raced across such places as Vietnam, Japan, the USA, England and even to the North Pole.  

Now if you want to know why a mother might be concerned by her daughter being thrilled with one of these guys, just watch this... http://www.metacafe.com/f/mediawiki/editform/en/422846/.  If you go to uTube, you will find plenty of other clips to see.  (And by the way, Richard Hammond was hospitalized in intensive care after this accident.  He is ok now, but I sure wouldn't have wanted to be his wife!) 

I wish I could describe this show better.  It really is addicting.  But to be honest?  I'm hoping the Brits are a little more down to earth than this.  Then again... I hope the Brits are ready for Danielle... 
QOTD:  “Bush said today he is being stalked. He said wherever he goes, people are following him. Finally, someone told him, 'Psst. That's the Secret Service.'”   Jay Leno quotes (American TV Host and Comedian, b.1950)


  1. I LOVE Top Gear - It's excellent fun! Did you see the drive across the Kalahari? (hope I spelled that right I'm too lazy to go look it up) OMG - funniest show ever. I now own the DVD's from that season.

    BTW - she does know that Hamster is short... right? LOL.

  2. Teresa - I do believe she knows that but I think she is more drawn by his sense of humor. And no, I have not seen the Kalahari one yet. So far my favorite is the one where one of them is on a train (shoveling coal), one of them in a really expensive car and one on a really expensive motorcycle. My husband loves the race across Vietnam where they are racing on a very old Vesper, a two stroke scooter and a Russian minibike.

    My husband told me last night that this show has been on for like 15 years. I think he must have gotten that one wrong but I am too lazy to go look it up. :)

  3. I believe in Britain they are on year 16 or so. In the states they haven't been showing it very long. I bought last season's DVD's (the season they showed here - which was Season 13 in Britain).

    They were going to do a Top Gear America - don't know what happened to that, but I KNEW it would be a bust because the guy who was going to be the lead (Jeremy's role) is an absolute moron... I can't remember his name right now.

    The reason Top Gear is so good is because Jeremy Clarkson works his ass off. Comedy is not off the cuff - good comedy is seldom off the cuff. They work hard to make a great show and they succeed.

    The American dude was doing an interview with Popular Mechanics - he was boasting about how the show was going to be unscripted and the "guys" were going to be just talking to each other and it was all going to be really fun and authentic. All I could think was how awful it was going to be... then it just disappeared - that interview was the last I heard of it. Heh.


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