04 March 2010

Driving Miss Daisy, He Is Not!

Every morning I drive the kids to school and this morning was no different than any other... until turning on to the street the school resides on....

Now I have seen some things in my time but this was a first.; A gentleman was playing a flute whilst driving.; I am often amazed at the activities some people pair with driving.; Like...
Mustache trimming - What are these men thinking?; You have a pair of sharp little scissors near your face.; Maybe the thought of doing a little cosmetic surgery while they are at it appeals to them?;

Men shaving - both with an electric razor and even one gentleman with shaving cream on his face and a regular razor.; (I still wonder how he rinsed between strokes)

Brushing teeth - Again, I wonder about the rinsing and spit.; (Not that I really want to find out)

Women putting on makeup - And I do mean the entire process.; I am especially in awe of the women who don't poke themselves in the eye with their mascara wands.; Or rip their eyelashes off completely with the eye lash curler when they come to an abrupt halt.; And let's not forget the eyeliner pencils.; Lipstick up a nostril or bozo the clown mishaps.;

Eating while driving - I don't mean the hamburger or french fries kind.; I've seen people with a bowl and a spoon.; Or bowl and fork.

Blowing one's nose - (with both hands) Ok.; The husband has done this.; At least until he was squealed on by the kids.

Cleaning glasses - I sometimes wonder just how myopic these people are while they are driving without their prescription lenses.

Cell Phones - This definitely gets at the very least annoying, at the most very dangerous.; And yes, I have been a guilty party of this one.; My next car is going to have one of those hands free thingys.

Texting - My eldest was recently busted on this offense.; A clear lack of good, common sense.

GPS adjustments - While these things are quite handy and I would be lost without mine (pun intended), putting in a street address while driving is just the ticket to not arriving at your destination... at least not on time.

Grooming hair - I have seen this mostly on military bases where the women have to have their hair up when in uniform.; Yet there is also plenty of people who brush and comb whilst looking into the rear view mirror at themselves.

Getting dressed - Or undressed as the case may be.;
The playing of the flute though, was a first for me.; I wonder if anyone else has ever seen that before?; I wonder if his radio was dead?; For sure his hamster was....
QOTD:; "The surest sign that intelligent life exists elsewhere in the universe is that it has never tried to contact us."; ~ Bill Watterson, Cartoonist


  1. How the frak does one steer while playing the flute??? I kinda want to see that, just to figure it out...

  2. I have seen people holding up the newspaper and reading it. But the best was the guy watching a small tv on the dash. This was in the 80's!

  3. OMG! I have NEVER seen ANYONE drive while playing of the flute! I have seen men shaving and women apply make up...but NEVER playing of the flute!!

  4. Thumper - Apparently with his knees and wrists.

    Karen - Ah, yes. I forgot reading and watching tv on the list. Of course, TV in the 80's would have been an interesting sight.

    Meleah - You are not the only one to not have a camera on you when it is most needed! :oP

    BTW, my husband said he has also seen a gentleman shaving his head.

  5. I've seen someone smoking a crack pipe while on the interstate.


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