27 April 2010

Evolve Already!!!

I sometimes forget how funny my kids can be, especially when it has been a long, frustrating and upsetting week.  But in the midst of it all this vacation week, was the following...

Our daughter Nina, spent the week at my sister Suzanne's house doing God knows what.  (Well, actually, God probably DOES know what, and so does my sister, but I am happy in my blissful ignorance...) I do know that she went four-wheeling, motor-biking, and played paint-ball with her cousin, Kasey.  (There was no mention of who kicked who's butt which makes me a little suspicious...)  There was a brief comment about cutting down trees and bonfires but truly, if you knew my sister like I know my sister... you NEVER ask for details because it usually involves something that will make your hair turn grey.  No, really.  I'm not joking.  I will never be as brave as my sister Suzanne.  She's the kind of person that doesn't just live life, she grabs hold of it and rings the very last possible drop of life out of it.  (I have to admit I'm a tad bit envious)

But truly, that woman scares me to death sometimes but the kids always seem to have a fabulous time up there and we have come to the unspoken agreement that what happens in Paris, stays in Paris, so to speak.  I must admit that she must be either slowing down (after all, she IS a whole ten and a half months older than me) or just getting better at hiding the bruises.  And stitches.  Have I mentioned the water skiing?  Or the sliding off the roof in a sled into a pile of snow? Or, perhaps, the mud... well, I better stop that thought and move on as I and the kids are going up there this Saturday for my nephew, Kasey's Birthday.  (Have I mentioned that she is diabolical in her revenge?)  :oP

So Nina got back Sunday morning and then Sunday evening we had dinner at my brother and sister-in-law's house.  The entire gang was not there as the two eldest girls of our families have moved out and gotten their own apartments.  It was great fun as my husband was there and was in good form.  While awaiting dinner, was the following conversation:
Our niece, was expressing her educational inner angst, "I hate high school.  It was a total waste of time.  I didn't learn anything."
My husband asked, "Well what was it you hoped to learn?"
To which she replied, "Nothing!"
"Well there, you see?  You should be thrilled, after all you met all of your expectations and I imagine even surpassed them."
In reality, our niece did pretty darn good because she got in to a wonderful college where she will be studying music.  One day, you will all hear some of her scores.  Just remember that you read it here first as I truly am proud of her and her accomplishments.  I was very serious when I told her mother that the one thing I will truly miss about becoming deaf (more on that later), will be listening to her play.  I especially love her mandolin but it is a close call to all the other instruments she plays.

So dinner was lovely and all the girls didn't pick on my lone nephew, too much.  I really feel a lot of sympathy for him as he is the lone male in a sea of EIGHT cousins of the female persuasion most of the time.  He definitely holds his own, though.  (especially now that he is getting taller)  That is not to say that he is the lone male.  He has two more male cousins... and three more female cousins who live further away.  Still, he seems happy in his own personal sea of women.

Since we no longer have a van, we have to travel in two vehicles when we go out 'en masse'.  On the way home I had Rachel, Nina and Danielle in the car with me and wasn't paying too much attention to the conversation due to the whiny sound coming from the seat next to mine.  (one thing I won't miss about going deaf)
I guess that Nina, after having a whole week without her sisters, says to Rachel over the whining, "Evolve Already!"
I burst out laughing.  It was priceless and has become my new favorite phrase for complaints!

So, all laughter aside.  I recently went to the Veteran's Administration for a new hearing aid.  I had to take the sound tests and got to enjoy the ear tampon thing.  Yes.  You read that description correctly.  What would you call it when they put a small cotton tube in your ear with a string attached to keep the mold goop from touching your eardrum and to be able to pull the mold out once it hardens?  Like I said, ear tampon.

In the past I have only had to wear a hearing aid in my left ear, but apparently my hearing is degrading far rapidly than it has up til now.  Not only will I have to wear two hearing aids soon, but was told, in all likelihood, I will be going deaf in the foreseeable future.  Although I'm pretty bummed about it, I keep remembering Danielle's conversation with her father and I have to laugh.  After all.  I've been blessed with beautiful daughters, a wonderful husband and an amazing family.  Life is good.  (After all, I still have my voice so that I can irritate my kids in my dotage.  That thought kind of brings a tear to your eye, doesn't it?)

So, I can either be depressed, or in the words of my daughter, Nina, I can 'evolve already'.  Although I must admit that it isn't as easy as it sounds... the spinning part makes me dizzy...
QOTD: "Most species do their own evolving, making it up as they go along, which is the way Nature intended. And this is all very natural and organic and in tune with mysterious cycles of the cosmos, which believes that there’s nothing like millions of years of really frustrating trial and error to give a species moral fiber and, in some cases, backbone."  Terry Pratchett (b.1948-) English Writer


  1. Thank you. It always nice to get a hug at least once a day... more if you have kids. :o)


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