28 April 2010

A Chuck Norris Kind Of Day...

A couple of years ago I wrote a post about an average breakfast conversation. Since a sighting of my husband has been rare this week and looks to be even more rare until next week, I thought I would relive one of the wonderfully bizarre episodes that is our life...

My husband was grumpy when he got up this morning. He was particularly disgruntled about his limited breakfast menu. Oatmeal or..... oatmeal. Yup, it sucks getting older. He's being wonderful and trying to control his cholesterol.
When I asked him how his oatmeal was, he stared at it with a mournful expression and said,"Did you know that Chuck Norris kills a kitten every time someone eats oatmeal?"
I had to laugh. "He does not!"
It was a struggled to get Erin out of bed this morning. She was the last one to make it to the kitchen.
My husband, "Did you know that Chuck Norris kills a kitten every time you give your parents trouble getting out of bed?"
Me, "He does NOT!!! You are going to give her nightmares!"
Erin just laughed at her father.  She's already caught on to his ways.
Rachel, "Chuck Norris' tears cure cancer. Too bad he never cries."
Me: "What's with the Chuck Norris thing this morning? And Nicole, did you want some bagel with that cream cheese?" 
 Nicole just globs even more cream cheese on her bagel and then blithely says, "Chuck Norris eats his bagels this way and you don't want to mess with the way Chuck Norris does things."
Sigh. Guess I can't deny it's going to be a Chuck Norris kind of day...
QOTD: "When God said, 'Let there be light', Chuck Norris said. 'Say please.'" Unknown


  1. Elder Son has a collection of humorous t-shirts that he wears to school. Someone once pointed out to him that his shirts correlate with the day of the week.

    Today is Wednesday. Wednesday is his Chuck Norris t-shirt day.

    Carry on...

  2. I think ALL Chuck Norris jokes are hilarious.


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