18 August 2010

For Want Of A Sock.... Continued...

The old Lemon Stand blog from 20 Dec 2006 [This post is strictly for AFW.  Just in case she ever has a Very Bad, No Good, Day...

Some things in life are too special to ask, "Why?" about. I started blogging purely by accident and the very first blog I ever read happened to be, 'Air Force Family'.  Sometimes I feel like we live in a parallel universe because our families and situations seem so similar that I keep waiting for the theme song to "The Twilight Zone" to start playing in the background.

For those of you who miss reading Air Force Wife, you can still catch her (and some other superb writers) over on the incredible new site Spouse Buzz.  I just happened to be looking over there last night and caught her latest post, 'For Want Of A Sock'.   I'm nodding to myself through the first couple of paragraphs and then started laughing. (and looking around for Rod Stirling...)

Immediately I felt the need to continue this story so before I go any further, go read For Want Of A Sock and then come back... I'll wait...

::chuckling to self::

::looking at my watch::

::still waiting for the Twilight Zone music::

OK. You're back? Doesn't she have a terrific gift for description?

Reading her post, my first thought was: Yes, they tell everybody in basic training that. I remember putting a white sock with blue and red stripes on my own duffel bag in basic.

I got to the part about socks and kids and had to laugh at the descriptions because I think we have all of those socks too... right down to the striped socks from Hot Topic. (Although, I must confess, those were not mine...)

Air Force Guy, I must admit, dresses up his luggage a little classier than my own husband who usually forgets to 'Tag' his luggage until the trip home and then he looks for whatever is handy. I have seen the 'safe arming flag' or 'remove before flight pin flags' waving cheerfully from his bags on more than one occasion. (These are bright flags that are put on various parts of a plane. Although, now that I think about it, I haven't seen those in a while.)

My husband was telling me how there were all kinds of surveyors tape around on his latest excursion to the Iraq . You know the phrase 'Great minds think alike?'  Well, imagine, if you will, 399 great minds thinking alike (at the same time) on the trip out of Iraq... Picture in your mind, a sea of green duffel bags on the tarmac, all tagged with a strand of surveyors tape... Rachel asked her father what he'd marked his bag with...

Ironically, he said, "Two strands, one on each end."
I had to laugh.

I told him about Air Force Guy's homecoming.  He laughed and said, "At least he didn't use her Victoria Secret underwear."

Neither has my husband.  I think that either proves that they are highly evolved, intelligent males... or they both are very wary of exactly what factors might peg the Welcome Home meter...


  1. You know, now that your husband mentioned it... I might sneak tie one of my bras on AFG's luggage next time he takes off to play superhero.

    (1) I wonder how long it would take him to notice

    and (2) I hope someone videos the reactions of the guys he'll be working with.

  2. AFW - Huh. (1) I wonder how long it would take MY husband to notice if I did that? It might depend on what item I chose to tie. Must think about that one...

    (2) I sure hope so too! That would be a priceless treasure whether it was either husband... :)


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