01 September 2010

Conversational Ponderings...

I have a new fashion accessory... a half cast splint on my left hand/wrist.  Luckily it's not my writing hand but I AM seriously considering learning to type with my toes.  It would probably be a lot faster than my one handed typing.  Still, how can it be a bad week?  All five kids go back to school tomorrow. :o)  

(I know you are dying to know how it happened but do you seriously think I'm going to COMPLETELY describe my idiocy even further?  Nope.  Suffice to say my mother did NOT name me Grace...)

So instead, my mind is wandering painlessly, thinking about our family communication skills.  What does that have to do with a trip to the ER?  Why, absolutely nothing.  (See comment above about painlessness...)

I know it is sad but true that sometimes our family conversations are not quite in the realm of what is average...  Well, OK...  As average as the average person at large is.  Never mind.  I guess I can’t very well dress up our conversations in anything that would resemble polite conversation in a situation where one might be overheard.  Anyone who has ever read any of our family conversations (or been around, involved or related to us) have already been initiated and know what to expect.  

I’m sure there are many families who communicate just fine with dignity, politeness and a decibel level that does not legally have to have a warning posted on their front door.  They may even provide parental direction and chastisement in a reasonable manner expected of most Homo Sapiens whilst their offspring argue or whine.  Occasionally I wonder what that would be like...  

I also ponder the thought that in my golden years there will be times when, instead of inhaling or snorting out my nose some liquid substance as occasionally happens in our family’s presence during said communication, I will instead be spitting out my dentures… or perhaps I will merely choke on them.  I dread to think what my family would put on my epitaph… Here lies Lemon Stand who choked on a joke.  Rest In Peace… (And Quiet)

Our family rarely communicates merely in any one type of way.  Our family likes to explore all the options of communication... We all like to discuss, quip, debate, laugh, demand, mock, request, argue, snicker, pick an argument, banter, hassle, whine, make fun of, cross swords, disagree, gang up on, sass, dispute, quarrel, joke, get in one's face, hammer, hash out, have at each other, knock around, lock horns, sartorial witticism, quibble, rehash, row, jump on, squabble and occasionally speak in a polite, respectful manner.

I believe I have come to the end of my ponderings for the day since that happy, floating feeling is almost gone.  Time to go whimpering to the medicine bottle.  Who knows where the next wanderings might lead...


  1. Happy floaty is always good. Pain bad. I hope you float until the reason for the pain is but a faint memory. Get better. :)

  2. So sorry about your arm...
    Our family used to have very similar conversations. Now that Stubble is older we have real, adult, sit around the dinner table and talk long after the food is gone conversations. It is wonderful - but it was a long time coming.

  3. "I’m sure there are many families who communicate just fine with dignity, politeness and a decibel level that does not legally have to have a warning posted on their front door."

    Maybe, but Im sure THEY are really boring!

    Hope your 'new accessory' goes away soon!

    Wishing you a speedy recovery, and YES I am dying to know how you were injured in the first place!

  4. I'm with meleah rebeccah on this one - those families are boring! Or, as the father in My Big Fat Greek Wedding calls them, "TOAST!"

    And not even French Toast, either! Who wants to be toast? Not I.

    I'd much rather be a lemoncillo cake. Or a Boston cream pie.

    Ooooh! I know! I want to be Tiramisu!

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  6. LeeAnn - thank you for good thoughts sent my way... I'll give a little wave as they float by :o)

    Christie - your family has real ADULT conversations around the dinner table? What's that like? Our eldest is 19, then there are two 18 year olds, a 16 and a 12 year old... I'm still waiting for them to 'grow' into adult-like conversation... but alas they have my husband's sense of humor

    Meleah - Boring, huh? Yeah that quality is on the endangered list in our house. As for my 'fashion' accessory? It DID go away, thanks... I now have a new 'purple' accessory. I'm thinking of adding polka dots or maybe zebra stripes... what's in fashion these days? As for HOW I ended up pondering fashion... well, all I can say is "I'm not a complete idiot... some parts are missing."

    AFW - Tiramisu? Ooooooooh... yum! That might be a very close call because I was thinking of our family being more along the lines of Captain Morgan's Spiced Rum soaked Pineapple Upside Down Cake... or Raspberry Swirl Cheesecake with Raspberry Sauce dribbled all over it or gargantuan, double stuffed Chocolate Eclairs! You know? Now that I think about it... why do we have to settle for just one? Skip the drinks, skip the appetizers, skip the main course and any vegetables and go straight to the desserts! (of course then we'd have to also go straight to the gym to work off the fat that went straight to the stomach, hips, thighs and bottom... we can still dream about it and I always say, if you are going to dream... Dream BIG!!!!)

    Where was I? Oh, yeah. A description of our family and NOT the actual dessert menu. Sigh. I've always thought it ironic that desert and dessert are spelled so similarly. Take away a measly little 's' and life goes from heavenly to hellish... :oP

    Kristen - as you can probably tell, I am not able to do a whole lot of surfing the internet at the moment but I will check out your blog when I can.

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