07 December 2010

Vay-Kay In The Abysmal Depths of Marianas Trench, Grokking, Naked Posterior, and Lemon Juice...

A very long time ago, Sarah, of Trying to Grok, sent me the following in an email... First, I want her to know that I kept it, and Second that I happened to come across it tonight of all nights and it has really helped me to cut short my current Vay-Kay in the abysmal depths of the Marianas Trench... THANK YOU  (be back tomorrow after I get some sleep)
Lemon Stand,

Someone recently sent me a card that read...
On the outside: Hang in there...sometimes life hands you lemons, but then you can make lemonade.

On the inside: Of course, sometimes life pulls down your pants, runs a power sander across your naked butt, then pours lemon juice on your raw, abraded buttocks. In that case, a cool citrus drink wouldn't really help it, but darn it...you've got to hang in there anyway!

I thought it was cute, and that you'd appreciate it :)

Third, did anyone notice that there are SEVEN synonyms for Gluteus Maximus in this post? [Because this description of a tush, by the way, just HAD to have been thought up by a guy!  Gluteus Maximus my *ss! My rump is NOT at Maximus and describing your wife's backside as such will almost certainly earn you a night (if you are lucky) sleeping on the couch.]   Note to self: SEE, you CAN still be a smart alec at these depths...


  1. Yes, THAT was VERY funny, indeed. And its times like that when you can only call upon lemonade spiked with vodka!

  2. That made me LMAO!

    I felt that there should be another butt reference in my comment. :)

  3. Now my boys will have to learn them all (as if they don't know them already!)

  4. This will all come back to haunt you on Keister Sunday.

  5. I love it! If MathMan were to call my gluteus a maximus, I'd knee him in his gonadus dinglis

  6. Meleah - Vodka is good, Captain Morgan's Spiced Rum is good... there seems to be a theme here...

    AFW - Thank you SO much for ANOTHER reference of the lower south side of a north bound homo sapien... :)

    VWBug - Great way to introduce them to a REAL thesaurus!


    Lisa - OK. That was priceless. Note to self: MUST use this description in conversation with husband... just to see what his response is...


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