15 January 2011

It's Really Not THAT Cold Up Here In The 'Frozen Northern Wastelands' Mrs Who...

If you go to 38 Snowmen Nightmares:Calvin and Hobbes in Real Life , you will see that we are mere amateurs... Still, that didn't stop my daughter Erin, my niece, Isabelle and I from having a blast today...

I am obviously not a professional photographer because it never crossed my mind that 'white' on 'white' doesn't show up very well in broad daylight.  I refuse to feel badly about the poor picture quality because WE have this winter decoration in our front yard... What kind of bland display can compete with OURS for sheer chutzpa?  When we decided it was time for us to come in, we heated up the apple cider...   And what did YOU accomplish today?  :)


  1. LOVE the snowmen! ALMOST makes a trip to the north worth it. Almost. But it's tempting. I think the only snowman I ever made was about 8 inches high...and that was using ALL of the freak snowfall that fell in our yard.

  2. Hahaha... brilliant! When it snowed here before Christmas I was so excited I ran out to make a snowman. Managed about a 6 inch tall thing... nothing like your awesome creation. Love it!

  3. Wonderful!! Very Calvin-istic. ;)

  4. Mrs Who - You are BAILING on me? I am SOOOO disappointed. It took us a LONG time to shovel and rake away enough snow to make this because the snow is too fluffy and won't stick together to make an upright snowman village.

    Wiley - OUR winter display may not have been as stunning as the ones in the link but since it's supposed to snow a lot in a few days... we shall endeavor to try again to lure Mrs Who up from her 'toasty' warm home WAY DOWN SOUTH to get into her new snazzy sports car (Windows and roof Up or Down is optional) and come visit.

    AND TO MRS WHO AND WILEY... a six to eight inch snowman is a perfectly legitimate baby snowman... pictures ARE required next time that occurrence happens! I just LOVE baby pictures. Just sayin' :)

    Pamibe - I was told by a very unreliable source that there should have been a lot more than one shark in the vicinity of such a feast. It makes me think of the possibility that there are no more Calvin cartoons because there is no more Calvin... I wonder if Hobbes escaped?

  5. (this is from Mrs. Who...I'm at another house and can't remember my log-in)

    That 'baby' snowman was made when I was about ten years old, so no pictures. And I also remember finding a perfect little dome of snow under a bush...and it was a pile of dog droppings. Maybe that's why I don't like snow and cold, lol!

  6. Mrs Who - Oh my! I can see how that might be tramatizing... but I promise you, you won't find doggy droppings out here. Now Moose Muffins... well, that's a different story! :)

  7. Love calvin and hobbes... The snowmen are one of my favorites parts... just to see what he can come up with next. So many are excellent. HEre is a site I visit every once in a while to get my snowman C & H in gear: http://www.wagnerstudios.org/Calvin_and_Hobbes_Snowmen.htm


  8. Nyuk! Love it, Lemon Lady!

    When we get snow in NW Louisiana, we get just about enough to make one napping. I'm gonna remember that.

    Thanks for the chuckle.

  9. Meleah - I shall pass on your complements to the work crew.

    VWBug - Oh the possibilities! The snowman's demise by family car, the snowman burying another snowman up to the neck, the snowman and the snow shrunken heads, contemplating snowman evolution, the snowmen prophets of doom or the snow chicken chopping of head of snowman... So many choices... so much snow heading our way tomorrow! :)

    Andy - I've been to NW Louisiana and saw nary a sign of snow. (I did, however, eat a whole lot of crawdads with hot sauce!)


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