07 February 2011

Assuming The Crab Didn't Go Quietly And Other Observations...

Wild Caught Alaskan King Crab Legs!  "I don’t know what “wild caught” means, but I can only assume The Crab didn’t go quietly."  ~ Leighann Lord

I REALLY needed to find some humor today.  It is now about 4pm and I still haven't found it... Actually, I hadn't found it until I stumbled upon Stand-Up Comedian Leighann Lord  of The Urban Erma.com, a weekly humor blog.  If you click on the link, you'll be able to read her comments about her ponderings on the meaning of the description "Wild Caught" Alaskan King Crab Legs.
Oh.  And the humor and irony did not stop there.  I have had so much of my husband's wit rub off on me over the years, that I am now convinced that I can be considered officially poisoned.  

How do I know this?  Well, although I really enjoyed reading her post, especially because I really needed that laugh today, in the back of my mind, I can now imagine myself asking my husband, what he would have considered to be the meaning of the description of "stand up" comedian.  And, if a stand up comedian sat down while prosing on, could she still be considered a stand up comedian?  Or would she then become a sit down comedian?  But wouldn't a sit down comedian be considered not entertaining and thus is requested to sit down?  What about if she is side-splittingly hilarious while sitting down... well, you can see the path my poisoned mind is now meandering. 

Now knowing this line of thought could go on way past the time I have to attend to my Domestic Goddess duty as the family cook, I decided to cut this short by merely letting the Google gods quickly connect me to a Thesaurus (since my hard copy BOOK version was not close to hand and my time is really starting to run short)

Now after having read Leighann's post, and then reading the descriptions (and definition) of stand up, I started laughing even more. Then I decided to share the humorous irony of Leighann's post and that of her profession. 

[REMINDER: This is a family friendly blog so please keep your minds squeaky clean.  Thank you.  ~ The Management]  You can click on the Thesaurus link and the first entry you will see for 'stand up' is and please, do not miss the 'notes' section:
Main Entry: cock
Part of Speech:     verb
Definition: aim up toward
Synonyms: erect, hump, perk up, pile, prick, raise, stack, stand erect, stand up , stick up
Notes: the male crab or lobster is a cock ; the female, a hen

It really made me wish I knew Leighann, if only to share laugh.  Still, if that were not ironically funny enough? The second entry is:
Main Entry:  disappoint 
Part of Speech:     verb 
Definition:     sadden, dismay; frustrate 
Synonyms:     abort, baffle, balk, bring to naught, bungle, cast down, chagrin, circumvent, come to nothing, dash, dash hopes, deceive, delude, disconcert, disenchant, disgruntle, dishearten, disillusion, dissatisfy, dumbfound, embitter, fail, fall down on, fall flat, fall short of, foil, founder, hamper, hinder, leave in the lurch, let down, miscarry, mislead, not show, put out, ruin prospects, stand up , tease, thwart, torment, vex

Antonyms:  delight, excite, make happy, please, satisfy
With the following AD between the second and the third definition being: 
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Definitions continued:
Main Entry:     erect
Part of Speech:     verb
Definition:     build; establish
Synonyms:     assemble, bring about, cobble up, cock, compose, construct, create, effect, elevate, fabricate, fashion, fit together, forge, form, found, frame, fudge together, heighten, hoist, initiate, institute, join, knock together, lift, make, make up, manufacture, mount, organize, pitch, plant, prefabricate, produce, put together, put up, raise, rear, run up, set up, shape, stand, stand up , throw together, throw up, upraise, uprear
Antonyms: raze, topple

Main Entry: hold
Part of Speech: verb
Definition: continue, endure
Synonyms:     apply, be in effect, be in force, be the case, be valid, exist, have bearing, hold good, hold true, last, operate, persevere, persist, remain, remain true, resist, stand up , stay, stay staunch, wear
Antonyms:     cease, desert, halt, quit, stop
Feel free to go look at the rest of the definitions, but I think the picture painted is already a real humdinger, don't you?

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