02 February 2011

Forty-Five Inches Of Snow On My Lawn...

I believe that blog post title rather says it all... don't you?  Will be back after we recover...


  1. How special!
    One inch of snow for each of the Super Bowls!

  2. I can't imagine what that must be like!!

  3. How many snowmans can you make with that? Calvin and Hobbes would be in heaven. ;-)

  4. We only got 2 ft, man oh, man, am I jealous! LOL-

    I've got shovel shoulder sores from helping move the stuff off the driveway and into ... the yard... and then the freakin plow comes and blocks the end of the driveway and I start all over again, and the bright spot was that man came with a big ol plow thingy attached to the front of his jeep and with a little thinking of green- OK I paid something to have the 3 ft of driveway end stuff moved, until the snowplow comes around again... then as luck would have it, my DH breaks the snowblower! Really, I shoveled the top lavyer of snow down so that the snowblower could get it blown off with out choking, and then the thing breaks.

  5. We didn't get snow. We got rain that melted the previous snow and exposed all the soggy dog poo of the past week.


    It's going to be a very muddy spring for ya'll, I think.

  6. It's too depressing to even comment upon. I'm expecting Rachel to ask for a pet penguin any day now... I'm sure the request won't be for a squinty polar bear. :)


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