03 February 2011

The Lemon Stand Defends Canada...

Rachel: Does Canada really get this much snow?

Me: Yes.

Rachel: Did you know polar bears cover their noses with a paw when they hunt?  It's so they can blend with the snow.

Me: Then what do they do about their eyes?

Not missing a beat, Rachel: They squint.

I had to laugh.

Me: To really blend, wouldn't they have to cover their eyes AND their noses, making them practically blind without a great sense of smell?

Rachel: Well, it's not like there's much up there, anyway.  Polar bears, penguins and Eskimos.

Me: WRONG.  Penguins live at the SOUTH pole and there are more animals up there than just polar bears, like white foxes, moose, elk, and reindeer.  And one of the most beautiful places on earth is Banff, Canada!

Rachel: I'd still rather live on a warm island.


  1. You forgot to mention how you can see Russia from there.

    ::snorts and runs away with her hand over her nose so you can't see her::

  2. Meleah - All our best family conversations have happened at our kitchen table or to/from school. Rachel in particular is WAY too similar to her father and it's even funnier when they play off each other. It's like they're feeding each other lines.

    Roses - ROFL! Too funny! The question that begs to be answered though, is why you're dressed up as a polar bear? (And what exactly, is the polar bear you stole it from, wearing?) ;P

  3. Hahaha... Funnily enough, DM and I just had a huge debate about Canadia and if it was a poor ally. We have the debate about once a month about one or another of the commonwealth countries. Turns out I'm a monarchist sympathizer (which is true, but somehow doesn't sound that nice).

    I bet polar bears would hunt penguins if they could, though.

  4. Wiley, I bet they would eat just about anything, but if I remember correctly, their favorite food supply is seals. This would mean catching at least a half dozen penguins with Happy Feet. I imagine environmentalists would be over the rope about which species to save. Polar bears or penguins. Since Rachel's comments, I have truly jumped onto the polar bear's side. Can't imagine penguins hunting while covering their noses and squinting... It would be a shame to lose the possibility of sighting this phenomena in the wild. :)


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