15 December 2011

Santa's Training Mission Almost Ends In Tragedy...

Once upon a blue moon, I was actually stationed at the North American Aerospace Defense Command (otherwise known as NORAD) inside Cheyenne Mountain and I can tell you that they DO track Santa on Christmas Eve... Over the years, the ability to actually see this phenomena has evolved with the digital age.  This years plans were already being put in place as Google will clearly tell you... but apparently Santa did NOT tell them he was doing a few practice training missions with his reindeer and... well?  Ummmm, there is now at least ONE pilot who won't be seeing anything but coal in his stocking this year... unless, of course, the reindeer decide to leave their own 'presents'...  The pictures below the fold line might want to be kept from your offspring unless you are SURE that you can explain exactly what happened and how, everything by Christmas Eve will be the way it should be... (just thought I'd warn ya)


  1. Thanks so much. When Stubble was little the radio news updates from NORAD were something that kept him believing just a little bit longer...(happily).
    I have shared the website with people at work who have children and grandchildren. It is being passed, even as I type, to other parents...
    What a wonderful site!

  2. Back when I was stationed there, the internet was not something that was available to anyone but scientists and such. They had a phone line that kids could call that would tell them where Santa was at any given time. Somewhere around here I have a leaflet I got from work while I was there that gave the history of how a mistake in a newspaper article gave the wrong phone number for a "Santa Line". The number ended up as being somewhere in the command post if I remember correctly and some officer (probably with kids) just went with it as well as the following shifts. (This was probably about 20 years before I first got stationed there) It snowballed over the years until now you can go online to track Santa. The last of my kids was almost out of the Santa stage before I heard it had gone online (when my brother-in-law got stationed near there). I still think it's pretty cool. Probably one of the ONLY good thing I can remember about being a mountain mole... :)

  3. What a great display!

    Merry Christmas to you and yours!


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