04 May 2012

Honey? You're Going To Need Some Help With That Mail...

There are not very many fun things about deployments... It is strictly against all Military regulations to laugh (it tends to ruin one's gig line... please forgive me for this reference if you have never heard of a gig line. It's a stray question you can write on any correspondence to a military member so that they can fill up the white part of their return letter with their answer).   Laughing when everything sucks, just makes it a little more bearable.  So a little fun is OK.  Besides, if you happen to be a supervisor, do you REALLY want to have to make sure your troops don't go playing on the yellow lines? 

I'm about at that point where my husband will have to retire because I've almost run out of ideas that I haven't already tried.

So last week, when I talked to my husband, I warned him... "You're going to need some help carrying five boxes pretty soon."  Why is it, that we've been married almost 24 years and he still doesn't take my warnings seriously?  He called me today. He needed help carrying five boxes.  Imagine that?  :)

You know that old routine that goes, "You know you're old when..."?  Does anyone else out there remember 'Mr. Bill'?  Apparently he is now officially passé and undoubtedly my husband, kids and I are too.  ;p  It's a good thing that a poker set with chips and cards in a metal case is NOT passé.  (btw, that case was d*mn heavy!) Nor is a regulation sized Dart Board... (although 'hanging' the aforesaid dart board in the middle of the room was not really quite the location I intended!) Nor is Connect Four when the 'coins' are the RED SOX against the YANKEES.  (GO SOX!!!)

Sigh.  Our daughter Danielle has watched Generation Kill with my husband so she thought that several large, heavy cans of Chef-boy-are-Dee (or however it is spelled) along with a magazine would apparently ring some bells for her father.  She is going to be so disappointed.  (I have NOT personally watched Generation Kill, nor am I planning to, I'm more of an Indiana Jones kind of woman so I'm happy in my ignorance)  And as always... (water) balloons intended for cooling off at some point.  (It's a good thing the husband is not at the North or South Pole at the moment.  Concussions are not the effect looked for here.)

As you can see, most of the stuff was not for my husband specifically... it was just so that he doesn't have to spend any more time than necessary chewing someone's hind end off.  I'd hate for him to be responsible for someone returning without their backside. :)
There were a few other things for my husband but I think the majority of the loot was carted off pretty quickly.  I am currently rubbing my hands together... I still have a couple of aces up my sleeve that need to be implemented soon.   ;p

PS If it seems the humor is a little forced today, it's because I just had to go buy another Louisville Slugger.  The old one broke with the amount of lemon batting practice it has been getting of late.   

QOTD: "Through humor, you can soften some of the worst blows that life delivers. And once you find laughter, no matter how painful your situation might be, you can survive it." ~ Bill Cosby


  1. not being military, it took me a couple of readings to get it...along with some googling...
    hope that the 'care package' was a resounding success.

  2. Christie, I usually try to add a translation, but some days, even I can't understand what I'm saying. That's when you know it's time to get the jammies on and go back to bed. :) We all need a mental health day every once in a while!


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