30 April 2012

The Giving Book Club's Current Book...

I haven't posted any of my books from The Giving Book Club in quite a while.  Since I haven't done so and if you are wondering what these few posts have been about (I had only started them before back surgery) then you may want to read the short post that explains this club and it's first book at Giving Is Supposed To Come From Here... This is the perfect 'pick me up' for a Monday because it's a scientific fact that laughter makes you feel better... Warning: Just be careful not to read it at work... or while drinking your morning orange juice.  The juice really stings the inside of your nose.  :)

Just in case you can't read the small print it says: Follow Your Dreams (Except for that one where you go to work naked and dance the Polka) by Cheryl Caldwell.

QOTD: Discover your true self, whoever that may be. "Hello, My Name Is High Maintenance." ~ Cheryl Caldwell


  1. Love the name of the book. Is it good?

  2. It's not very big or long, more like a amusing pictures with a lot of wonderful dry wit. I remember is wasn't really expensive even for a small hardcover book, but the jacket on mine has definitely seen a lot of use!

  3. This must be may day to destroy the English language as we know it. At least the grammar and spelling part of it.


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