15 May 2012


Most people look at the world and they see it with their eyes.  In our household, it seems, we tend to look and see (mostly twisted and dry) humor first and then see it how the rest of the world sees it.
For instance:


Rachel, "Dad says when he gets home we should fix that road sign." 

Me, "What road sign and what KIND of fixing?"

Rachel, "The road sign at the bottom of the hill just up from our house."  (The rest of the local population would see a sign marking the end of the current road and know that they must now choose a new direction of travel. This is apparently not specific enough for my husband and daughter...)

Me, "What KIND of 'fixing'?"
Rachel, "It needs directions to Narnia or Mordor. We're just going to add it to the sign."

I can not find a description for my husband's parenting technique.  This is the same man who taught our children (and they educated me on his wisdom) many years ago about the Four Laws of Life According to Daddy:
"One, Never break more than one law at a time.  So if we were able to drive and had a tail light that was busted, we shouldn't speed."
"Two, Never bring along a camera if you are going to break the law.  That one was easy to understand so we didn't really need an explanation for that one."
"Three, Never try to understand someone else's 'kink'.  So we should just accept people the way they are even if we do think they are a little strange."
"Four, Never date your friend's spouses or girlfriends/boyfriends.  This is just not acceptable behavior and could get you into a LOT of trouble so it is just best to avoid the situation."
Just to be clear about this.  They will NOT be decorating or embellishing this sign. We are law abiding citizens (mostly)... and besides... I don't want to have to go bail them out of jail. 

PS.  I had to ask Rachel yesterday, which way the sign was pointed to our house... "Definitely Narnia." Why this made me happy, I don't know. It just did.  :)

PPS. This post comes to you courtesy of inspiration from Dustbury.  :)

QOTD: "For business reasons, I must preserve the outward signs of sanity." ~ Mark Twain


  1. I would totally add to that sign... ;)

  2. well, I wouldn't add to the sign, because now that you mentioned it in your blog it is the equivalent of "rule #2" - and I LOVE rule number 1 - and the Twain quote. Those are words that i live by on a daily basis...

  3. Yes, Thumper, but which way would be to YOUR house? :)

    Christie, I sometimes wonder why I am ever surprised at the things my family comes up with. You are absolutely right about rule #2, but believe me... I did wonder just how much a stencil maker cost. The difference in the family DNA would be that the husband and kids would have already looked it up and would be starting to make plans... ;P

  4. I want to live at your house.
    (To hang with the people who live there, not because it's Narnia.)

  5. Thank you so much! (But Narnia IS definitely a plus, isn't it?) :)


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