16 May 2012

Participants Or Commentators?

Original Photograph copyright Danielle Smith 2012
Photo by Danielle Smith (sans embellishment) :)

Suspend reality for a moment... If you truly did have a wardrobe that opened into our living room on game night.

Would you want to be a participant or commentator?


  1. Perhaps just a terrified observer? ;-)

  2. Terrified observer? Wow! Have we really reached that status level? No wonder the kids invite very few friends to come home with them... ;p (Come on over Bette. We won't tease you... much) :)

  3. Roses, you just say spectator because you want to eat your cake and have it too. ;p I can SOOOO see you commentating. (Then I would take your spectator 'seat' while you were up to give the true blow by blow action.) That thought truly does warm my heart. :)

    (Oh, and email me, my old computer is in a rehab center so I am missing your email address. Thank You!)

    And lastly... did you know Mrs. Who may be in your area soon and since I'm making plans to run away from home to go visit her... I just may have to follow her. (Wonder if she'll take us for a ride in her RED MUSTANG?) ;P

  4. I just have to add that my husband had to ask if we really painted this! :)

  5. I'd be a participant.
    and you should totally go vandalize that sign

  6. wRitErsbLock - I'm trying to take the high road here. As tempting as it is, and yes, I admit it's VERY tempting, I'm trying to remind my kids and husband that there are CONSEQUENCES to vandalizing that sign. (although I'm sure my husband is located firmly in the "we won't get caught" camp) :)


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