26 February 2013

The Faint Scent Of Understatement And Perspective...

My stove, NOT my kitchen, although I sure wish it were!
Me to Husband: "Oh, I forgot to tell you what happened this morning. Someone left one of the gas stove's burners on in the kitchen. I noticed the faintest scent of gas when I was coming down the stairs and found the smallest burner was on the lowest setting without having been lit. The scent wasn't very strong, but I still carefully opened doors and windows to help dissipate the gas in the house, turned off the burner after a couple of minutes, then waited another 15 minutes to close the doors and windows again." (it had to have been on for about two hours from the time the girls left for school and the time I came down to get something to drink)

Husband: "That could have ended badly." (hmmm, King of the understatement?)

Rachel: "Good thing you caught the scent of gas in time as your sewing room is right above the kitchen."

Husband to Rachel: "Gas is heavier than air. It settles downward... like say, to your bedroom in the basement?"

Rachel: "But hot air rises!"

**Roll of eyes**

Husband, as he walks away: "And chocolate pleases"
I had to laugh outright at that.  It's all about perspective is this house!

QOTD: "Ladies and gentlemen, this is your captain speaking. We have a small problem. All four engines have stopped. We are doing our damnedest to get them going again. I trust you are not in too much distress." ~ British Airways pilot, after flying through a cloud of volcanic ash.

Note to family: I'm doing my best with the memory I have. Yes, I know I did not get the wording of this conversation down perfectly, but it's either live with it or I'll be forced to get a voice recorder and although that would make for much more interesting and numerous posts for me, it might not be better for your posterity. Let me know the decision. In the meantime I shall carry on, 'kay?
         Love, Me


  1. These things never happen at our house - except for the time I got a new convection oven. That doesn't heat up the kitchen and goes on and off VERY quietly.

    Me: How about I heat up the left over fries to go with dinner?
    Stubble: Cool!
    Fast Forward to the next morning:
    Stubble: "Something smells burned."
    Me: "Oh Crap! The fries!"
    We had to toss the cookie sheet as the fries had become one with it...

  2. Your husband should be pleased you did that.

    See, I came home one day to my parents house and the house stank of NG. Mother's comment "well there is suppose to be some smell b/c they just put in the new gas fireplace. Should I light a candle."

    Me, "No, call Dad."

    Dad, "Call the gas company"

    Gas Company "don't touch anything, get out of the house". They arrived within 5min.

    Seems, the contractors hand tightened the lines down but that was all. Had she lit a candle....

    Best not to go there.

  3. Christie - I don't think anyone is immune to things like that. I've thrown pans away for similar reasons.

    FW2 - Good Lord woman! That would have given me a heart attack!


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