08 February 2013

To Whomever Did The Happy Snoopy Snow Dance...

Congratulations! You have been beyond successful. If life were based on the accuracy of the weather, I would vote for you to be the Grand Pooh Ba...  Right before I voted you off the island.

We are now in the midst of a monster snow storm that is supposed to turn into a monster blizzard and dump anywhere from 18 inches to 3 feet of snow, depending on which weather service you are using.  At this point, I can still see the trees right outside our window, but that is supposed to change in the next couple of hours. I will attempt to take pictures and add them here as the blizzard goes by.  I think I should also warn the person(s) doing the Happy Snoopy Snow Dance?  That although I'm not more than a couple of inches above five feet, do not let that mislead you if you are foolish enough to risk my wrath

If I see someone doing a 'Snow Dance', I will hurt them.

If I hear someone 'Praying for Snow', I will hurt them.

If I feel 'The Force' being manipulated to produce 'Snow', I will hunt the perpetrator(s) down and I will hurt them... and I won't care if you are Yoda or even related to Yoda!

If I even smell someone 'thinking'about Snow', I will hurt them.

If I SEE anyone using the word 'Snow' in ANY of it's possible forms as a Key Word in a search engine... that ends up in my blog stats?  I will most likely go postal!  

Thank You,

You have been warned. 
You may carry on...


  1. Sorry. We were to get only freezing rain and got 8" so far. My alma mater got 2' today. Had a wonderful snow day. They closed the school board not just the buses and our crew stayed home.

    Enjoying the R&R

  2. Sigh. Well you DO live in Canada. Snow kinda comes with the territory so to speak. I even defend Canada against our daughter, Rachel. (http://lemonademadedaily.blogspot.com/2011/02/lemon-stand-defends-canada.html) But I'm with her at the moment. I'd rather be on a tropical Island right now.

  3. I would be more than happy if all the weather geeks were wrong.

    If this is a bust and we don't get the big wind and tons of snow, I shall not lament. I even have most of my dinner made (in case we lose electricity).

    So to those weather gods out there - don't feel you must impress me. I'm impressed, you can stop now.



  4. I had to laugh Teresa. I can even feel for you because you are a little bit closer to Boston than I am and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it will be just far enough awaaaayyyy

    PS I thought the dinner and lack of electricity too. Glass of wine is next.

  5. Here's hoping that all of you are doing well! And are able to cook. From chilly, damp but definately NOT snowy Coastal Southern California....

  6. Thanks Christie for your well wishes. We are doing fine after about 28" of snow or there about. It was hard to tell with all the blowing snow. We had drifts a lot higher and a porch that for some reason was lower. Not low enough to easily get out the door to shovel, but less than in the driveway. All's good.


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