10 February 2013

Famous Love Letters - Nathaniel Hawthorne...

Nathaniel Hawthorne to Sophia Peabody who would become his wife in 1842
5 December, 1839

Dearest, - I wish I had the gift of making rhymes, for methinks there is poetry in my head and heart since
I have been in love with you.
You are a Poem.
Of what sort, then? Epic?
Mercy on me, no! A sonnet?
No; for that is too labored and artificial.
You are a sort of sweet, simple, gay, pathetic ballad, which Nature is singing, sometimes with tears, sometimes with smiles, and sometimes with intermingled smiles and tears.


  1. MY family NEVER does this. NOT! of course we DO NOT DO THAT around the "in house" dining table - but there are guests who will NEVER come back because of the things tha Stubble and I say to each other...
    I get your family , too!

  2. I think you meant this comment for the next post, but it's good to know my family is not necessarily unique in this. :)


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