05 March 2013

Even More Giving Is Supposed To Come From Here...

It all started with a book. At first glance, this book didn't appear to be all that different from any other ordinary book I own, but The Giving Book Club was created because of that original book, Random Acts of Kindness.  The only books chosen are books that give to the reader.  What the book gives would depend upon the reader. 

The name of The Giving Book Club came from one of the short vignettes in this small book, about a Russian Grandmother who told her Granddaughter that people in this country give from the wrong place and she goes on to explain exactly what she means in a way that will stay with you. I hope you'll take the time to read the short entry in the original blog post, Giving Is Supposed To Come From Here...

It's helped me focus on what I feel is truly important and now my copy is well worn.  I collect books to save me when I'm fresh out of anything positive to say or do. I know that sounds sappy, but I figure you should always try to enjoy and share happiness wherever you find it. Sappy, but true.

My books are food that feeds my soul, waters my determination and fertilizes my imagination. Any book that, for whatever reason, induces calm, patience, acceptance, laughter, imagination and reasoning, making you feel again centered and better able to cope with the demands of your life was made for this kind of shelf.

The eclectic selection on my shelf, reminds me to just forget about what I think I know about any given problem (because it's obvious that I don't know everything about the problem or it wouldn't be a problem, would it?). My shelf reminds me to remember that it's ok to take the time to step back outside the thinking box, review and then redirect how I'm reasoning and evaluating my problems. This book club was not meant to solve challenges that must be faced (so no automotive repair manual unless it's soothing). The book's purpose is to create a better mental and emotional place to deal with brick walls. 

Remind yourself often to not ever give up your dreams. They are only un-attainable if you stop trying and as long as there is life, there is hope. Have patience. Use whatever helps you focus your life and prioritize those things that are truly important to you and I've found that happiness just seems to follow. You've now given happiness a bread crumb trail and it will tag along as long as you want it to.

So, what's new on your shelf?

QOTD: "Reading...it's the best journey you can take without having to go anywhere." ~ Rumaas


  1. The question should be "what isn't?". I've discovered Kristen Ashley's books lately. Some I love, some I roll my eyes, all I forgive the grammar errors because hey.... who am I to comment on them :)

    JM Madden - I just finished Embattled Hearts. Her "teary eye's" got irritating after a while but otherwise it was really well done.

    http://www.goodreads.com/fw2books is my goodreads pg - I don't know if it's open or still for goodreads users only. Also, I just started using http://www.fictfact.com/ to keep track of some of the series'.

  2. Good Reads I've used but not extensively and I think I'll check out fi tact. Odd as it may sound, my youngest daughter got me hooked on Rick Riordan's books and I'd glommed them this past winter.

    Other than that I've been reading books on Executive Dysfunction, craft, quilting and sewing books. I'm now looking for some new quote and wisdom books because you know, I'm in short supply for those kind of books. :). Hopefully others will have some suggestions and I'll have to build a new bookcase to go with the other 22 in our house. Yep, I once counted them.


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