08 February 2013

To Whomever Did The Happy Snoopy Snow Dance...

Congratulations! You have been beyond successful. If life were based on the accuracy of the weather, I would vote for you to be the Grand Pooh Ba...  Right before I voted you off the island.

We are now in the midst of a monster snow storm that is supposed to turn into a monster blizzard and dump anywhere from 18 inches to 3 feet of snow, depending on which weather service you are using.  At this point, I can still see the trees right outside our window, but that is supposed to change in the next couple of hours. I will attempt to take pictures and add them here as the blizzard goes by.  I think I should also warn the person(s) doing the Happy Snoopy Snow Dance?  That although I'm not more than a couple of inches above five feet, do not let that mislead you if you are foolish enough to risk my wrath

If I see someone doing a 'Snow Dance', I will hurt them.

If I hear someone 'Praying for Snow', I will hurt them.

If I feel 'The Force' being manipulated to produce 'Snow', I will hunt the perpetrator(s) down and I will hurt them... and I won't care if you are Yoda or even related to Yoda!

If I even smell someone 'thinking'about Snow', I will hurt them.

If I SEE anyone using the word 'Snow' in ANY of it's possible forms as a Key Word in a search engine... that ends up in my blog stats?  I will most likely go postal!  

Thank You,

You have been warned. 
You may carry on...

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